Our 6th Annual Pre-Show Conversation Post

by Melisa on May 5, 2017

Each and every year a couple of days before our show, we sit across town from each other with a Google doc open, typing a conversation in real time. This tradition will always be one of my favorite behind-the-scenes moments when I look back on our LTYM Chicago experience.

Tracey: Hey Melisa?

Melisa: Yes, Tracey?

T: Guess what?

M: What?

T: It’s almost…over. (Sniff)

M: Ugh, I know. But let’s focus on the GOOD stuff for our final pre-show conversation post. This is our sixth year of bringing motherhood stories to the Chicago stage! And many of our cast members would never, ever, ever, ever have gotten on stage for any other reason. (and some of THOSE have continued to perform in other shows as well as gone on to other things like activism and taking their pet projects to the next level!) Plus, ALLLL the “Me too”s in the lobby after the shows!

T: It is bittersweet, but man… I’m really proud of the show we’ve put together for the grand finale. This year is unique unto itself. Not sure how that is possible after 6 years!

M: Well, everyone has a unique story so….

T: Truth.

M: Hey, let’s have some fun with numbers! Ready?

T: Ready, Freddie.

M: The number of people who have been on stage with us since 2012 and including this year? SEVENTY-TWO.

T: That is a simply staggering number. Like, I cannot wrap my mind around it. It’s humbling when you think about the people we know who have actually had their lives changed because of this show.

M: And we’ve met some amazing people that we likely never would have met otherwise. I love that.

T: And some of them have met each other BECAUSE of this show, too! I can think of several friendships that were formed in rehearsals and on our stage.

M: Yes, but no marriages. Maybe we should have tried harder.

T: There’s still time.

M: Um, maybe not. Let’s get back to numbers.

T: Ok, ok. 85 stories on the Chicago stage! 85! With the duets, and the returning alums, and our own readings, there have been 85 Chicago LTYM stories shared. Funny and sad and everything in between. Wanna know another number?

M: The way you’re giggling, I’m not sure but yeah. Go for it. It’s now or never.

T: 37.

M: 37? Is that the number of sideshow acts we’ve always joked about adding to LTYM Chicago over the years? Like the roller skating and the dancers and the drummers and the fire jugglers and the sword swallowers and the pony?

T: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, There will be NO PONIES!!!


T: I was referring to the number of bowls of soup we ordered at Panera over the past 6 years during our meetings.

M: Sounds about right!! P.S. Have I ever mentioned how much I love cheddar broccoli soup, with bread on the side…but NOT in a bread bowl because soggy?

T: Only about 37 times.

M: Wocka wocka wocka! ANYWAY, something else I thought we should mention is how, each year, most of the stories seem to have an invisible thread running through them. Like last year, it was “strength”. In 2013 many stories were about mothering boys. In 2014, “hope” really stood out to us. And this year? Hmmmmm….

T: SHHHHH!!!! Don’t give it away! If they want to know, there are still tickets available!

M: That was so subtle!

T: Thank you. I try.

M: I’m gonna miss this.

T: Aw, geez. Don’t do it. Don’t go there.

M: Okay. Sigh.

T: Sunrise, sunset. It really isn’t the ending of something; it’s the possibility of the beginning of something else.

M: Our baby’s grown up! Let’s go look at photos while people are buying tickets. I can’t wait until Sunday!

*Insert music of 1983 Kodak commercial as we fade to black*







Role reversal! (I still laugh at this, every single time I see it. ~Melisa)

2013 role reversal! (I still laugh at this, every single time I see it. ~Melisa)

2014 -- Photo credit: Balee Images

2014 — Photo credit: Balee Images

Photo credit: Balee Images

2015 — Photo credit: Balee Images



It’s been a great ride. Join us in celebrating six years of motherhood stories in Chicago! Purchase tickets online or by calling the box office at 773-935-6875. See you on Sunday at 2pm!

Vikki May 5, 2017 at 8:32 am

I love it. All of it. Especially the pony.

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