Cast Spotlight on Kristin Mantta

by Tracey on May 3, 2017

Our cast members are complex, intelligent, and witty people. You simply have to hear them to believe us. We asked 4 questions to give you a feel for the innermost workings of their minds, and the variety of answers has been one of the highlights of this year’s process. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



Photo credit: Brandi Lee of Balee Images, LLC

1. If you could meet any person in history (living or dead, real or fictional) who would it be and why?

I often fantasize about hosting Abigail Adams for tea. I love her use of descriptive vocabulary and mixed emotion with plain and simple directives in her letters to John. I would love  to know just how much of her ideas he truly implemented as President!

2. Have you ever been on stage before? How do you feel about going on stage for the LTYM show, knowing you’re also reading your own words?

I made my stage debut as a kitchen wench in my high school production of Once Upon a Mattress. I was also a member of the LTYM Valparaiso Indiana cast in 2015. This years reading is the most personal story I have ever shared and look forward to the love and laughter it hopefully delivers.

3. Unrelated to your essay, do you have a motherhood story to share?

In an attempt to arrive somewhere in time, I had my kid pee in a bottle roadside.   And … then….I put it in my cup holder for safe keeping and no spillage….next to my drink with a lid….and accidentally had a disgustingly memorable sip of pee….

4. If you could relive one day over again, what would you choose and why?

Any given day at the beach is my groundhog’s day. It is my peace, time with God, and rejuvenation of my soul. I also get a killer tan and super blond hair!


Thank you, Kristin!

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