Cast Spotlight on Lea Grover

by Tracey on April 26, 2017

Our cast members are complex, intelligent, and witty people. You simply have to hear them to believe us. We asked 4 questions to give you a feel for the innermost workings of their minds, and the variety of answers has been one of the highlights of this year’s process. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!




1. If you could meet any person in history (living or dead, real or fictional) who would it be and why?

JK Rowling. She seems like a remarkable person, and I would love to pick her brain about writing, publishing, and life in general. In fact, if JK Rowling would just be my life coach, I’d be pretty happy with that.

2. Have you ever been on stage before? How do you feel about going on stage for the LTYM show, knowing you’re also reading your own words?

Yes! I majored in opera and theatrical performance for a spell, I used to be a regular at poetry readings back in my college days, and I opened the 2014 show of LTYM in Chicago! I feel excited and honored to be back, and grateful to have an opportunity to share my story.

3. Unrelated to your essay, do you have a motherhood story to share?

When my twins were born I went from being not a mom to being a mom of two, and it wasn’t until my third child was born and then her big sisters went to preschool that I got to have alone time with a single child. Now, my youngest is in her last year of preschool, and I find myself lingering in the mornings, making us late nearly half the time, truly enjoying being alone with one child. I have never regretted having three kids, and I doubt I ever will, but I often find myself wishing I could have given this to my twins, too. These little organic pockets of time when it was just one on one, me and them.

If I could, I would keep each of my twins home from school for a few hours in the morning, once a week, by themselves. Just so I could linger over breakfast with them one on one, hold their hands without anyone clamoring for my attention, kiss them on the cheek without feeling guilty that somebody is getting left out. When I do find little bits of time, alone with one of my twins, I treasure it.

4. If you could relive one day over again, what would you choose and why?

The day my husband asked me to marry him. It was a perfect day. We had eggs benedict for breakfast in our pajamas, took a nap, took a long walk through Pilson, which was block after block of Fourth of July parties, ate hot dogs in a cool, shady patio with friends, walked home under a sky filled with fireworks, had a beautifully romantic evening, and then got engaged after the sun went down. It was a perfect day, with no sad or painful or conflicting or upsetting moments. Every second of the day was bliss.


Thank you, Lea!

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