Megaphone Sponsor Spotlight: Women’s Health at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

by Melisa on April 21, 2017

Listen To Your Mother Chicago is so, so fortunate to have Women’s Health at Northwestern Memorial Hospital back as a returning Megaphone Sponsor! The facilities under the Northwestern Medicine umbrella are a force in the Chicago area: you can find people who have received excellent care at them around every corner!

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Prentice Women’s Hospital is a favorite for many of our cast members who have given birth to their babies there. Two of this year’s cast, Kristin Galbraith and Lea Grover, had fantastic experiences there.

Kristin gave birth to Hunter in 2014 and Tessa this past December, both at Prentice Women’s Hospital:

“I went into preterm labor with my first baby in November 2014. Although I expected to be sent home, instead I got a cozy 10-day stay in the antepartum unit. It was a whirlwind, and although the first few hours we were there everything I heard went in one ear and out the other (I was in a bit of a shock), the medical team was just incredible. We met with every specialist possible to prepare us for our preemie baby. There were lots of unknowns at that point, but by the end of day one, we had a good handle on all the possible outcomes and had a lot of confidence moving forward.”

Kristin marveled over the excellent care she received from the hospital staff, pointing out one special night nurse named Marilyn.

“Over the next week, we had visits from countless nurses, doctors, residents and specialists. They all took such great care of us whether it was a chat on how I was feeling or they were sticking me with a needle.  I got to know the nurses since we spent so much time together. Marilyn was one of my favorites. She worked nights, and if you have to be woken up at 2 a.m. to get your blood pressure checked and all sorts of other things, you want someone like Marilyn. You knew she loved what she did.”

On Thanksgiving day, Kristin’s family brought the turkey dinner to her and they enjoyed a memorable holiday gathering in her hospital room before welcoming her baby boy Hunter early on the morning of Black Friday! Kristin was able to spend about an hour with Hunter before he was taken to the NICU, where he spent the next two weeks.

“We spent (our time in the NICU) with another set of nurses who were beyond words. For a brand new mom with a preemie baby, not only did I not know what I was doing, but my baby was hooked up to all kinds of wires and sometimes he stopped breathing and there were alarms and beeps and noises that scared the crap out of me. These nurses. They moved with such grace from baby to baby and I remember being so amazed at what they did. They mothered those babies. They gave everything they had to get them healthy enough to go home, which is all I wanted. All any NICU mother wants. To have their baby home.”

It was a celebration when Hunter was cleared to go home!

“It was like a graduation ceremony. The nurses were sad to see him go, but excited that he was ready for the next journey, and it was all because of their care and dedication to their work.”

Kristin was sure that she wanted to deliver her second child at Prentice Women’s Hospital.

“Although we moved to the suburbs this past year, I never once second guessed wanting to deliver my second child at Prentice. We were on high alert for another preemie and if I had to go through that experience again, and there is nowhere in the world I would have rather been.”

Tessa was born right on time, and might I add she is SO CUTE: she accompanied her mom to our first rehearsal!

Kristin’s fellow 2017 cast member Lea Grover delivered all three of her children via emergency c-section at Prentice Women’s Hospital. Her twin girls were born in October of 2009 and her youngest daughter was born in June 2012.

For Lea and her husband, choosing Prentice Women’s Hospital was an easy decision.

“We chose to deliver at Prentice because of the exceptional quality of care we experienced at other Northwestern hospitals. When we got pregnant with our twins, my husband was seeing the neuro-oncology team at Lurie, who he still sees today. In fact, the one and only time I have ever missed an appointment with his neuro-oncology specialists was the day after our third was born, when I was still unable to walk after my emergency surgery, and he left the room to cross the enclosed bridges from Prentice to Galter. He was gone for about four hours, all told, getting an MRI and going over results with his team, but it was a comfort to me to know that even if I wasn’t there, I was still pretty much in the building.”

Lea was super-impressed with the care she received, and even has high praise for the oatmeal delivery service!

“I still refer to the birth of my twins and the stay I had in Prentice with them as one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. The twins were healthy but VERY small, and we had constant and compassionate care. I had what seemed like a 24-hour, on-demand oatmeal delivery service, which for some reason I craved more than anything else, and blissfully ate as much oatmeal as I could while nurses helped me learn to pump, to swaddle and bathe my preemies, and generally assured me that we were all perfect and were going to live happily ever after. Which of course we have, so far.”

Would Lea go to Prentice Women’s Hospital again? In a heartbeat.

“Although my birthing days are behind me, if I’m ever in need of a women’s hospital again, I’ll move hell and high water to return to Prentice. I have nothing but affection and gratitude for the staff there.”

There are OVER 150 Northwestern Medicine locations covering the entire spectrum of medical care in the Chicago area. You can find them by clicking here. Read about Northwestern Medicine’s specialized Women’s Health Services by clicking here.

Thank you to Kristin and Lea for sharing their stories, and thank you to Women’s Health at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for locally supporting LTYM Chicago 2017!

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