Spotlight on our Official Show Photographer, Balee Images!

by Melisa on April 19, 2017

In this, our final season of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO, Tracey and I are doing a lot of reminiscing about the past six years. We have so many stories about what’s behind the stories, so many memories that we will carry forever and ever. Like how a reader in our first show nearly didn’t go on stage because she was so scared. Or how the auditioner who seemed to feel like she was the most alone in her situation out of everyone we had ever seen eventually became a cast member and then an activist. Or how, when our lone male cast member in one year told his cohort that no, his girlfriend didn’t know that he was reading the story of their meeting and the ladies simultaneously let out a huge “AWWWWWW!” Or how friendships among the most unlikely pairs have formed and thrived. Or how Tracey and I sit backstage during the show and click imaginary cameras at each other as a reminder to remember that particular moment.

The imaginary camera trick is a great one, but in addition to that we have someone who has been wielding a REAL camera to capture what happens at our rehearsals and shows for four seasons: Brandi Lee of Balee Images. Doing this show would feel weird without her stealthily moving in the background capturing a lot of things that we never would have noticed because we’re busy running things. She is more talented than we can express.

Melisa Brandi Tracey

In addition to her talent, which is obviously pretty important in a professional photographer, Brandi is one of us. She’s an unofficial team member. She has become a friend over the years, and in addition to the great memories we have created with her on our cast days, Tracey and I met up with her in her own neck of the woods a couple of times to see the LTYM show in Valparaiso (along with dinner, drinks, and cupcakes). Here’s how Brandi looks when she sees you across the parking lot, and in my opinion this picture perfectly captures her personality.

Brandi running

This picture was not taken by Brandi. Obviously.

Brandi mainly covers weddings and families. One of her favorite things is to follow a family over the years with multiple sessions. She will travel to take pictures. She has a gifted eye, and a great eye for locations. Her photography tells stories, and that’s another reason why we love her.

Here are some of my favorite pictures Brandi has taken over the past four seasons.


Rehearsal 2 collage

Meggan 2014

Oscar Selfie

Rehearsal 1 at DL Loft (Keesha, Angie, Cyn)


ltym2016 2

ltym2016 1

Sidney and Megan

LTYM Chicago 2016 Eva

LTYM Chicago 2016 bow


Brandi: Tracey and I truly cannot express to you how much we appreciate your work and your friendship. It has been pure joy to have you along for the ride, and we hope you don’t mind that you’re stuck with us personally forever. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH.

For more information on Balee Images and how you can schedule Brandi to capture your favorite people, check out her website.

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