One Step Closer…

by Tracey on April 10, 2017

Melisa and I often compare the process of bringing this show to the stage to the entire experience of Motherhood itself. The planning and prepping, the wondering about what our show will look like; who will we cast? What is this year’s connecting thread that ties each piece to each other, however unassuming the theme? We know we will laugh and burst with pride as the stories grow and change. We also know we will feel wistful as the Big Moment of setting the show loose on stage means letting the rest of the world have a piece of something private and special.

Feeling bittersweet is a guarantee.

Yesterday was the 2017 cast’s final rehearsal. Yesterday was the final rehearsal for any LTYM show Melisa and I will ever put on… Am I crying yet? Yeah. A little bit.

Some monumental changes in certain cast members’ lives further increased the intensity of the rehearsal. It was cleansing and meaningful and we are, again, so humbled that this is our privilege; that WE are the ones who were chosen to witness these moments in their lives and to usher this movement onto the stage in Chicago…

Trying to capture the emotions while living in the moment is nearly impossible. We didn’t have our amazing photographer, but we did have our trusty phone cameras…


Thank God for selfie sticks! 2017ltymrehearsal3Emma and Brandie Langer: SO cute together!

17761208_10212651953684142_6779082441241742085_oKristin Mantta loved LTYM so much in Valparaiso, that she found a way onto the Chicago stage…


Kim Cavill: You never know a person’s story, until they tell it to you…17857857_10212712870601010_1402074459_n

Can’t keep Lea Grover off the Chicago LTYM stage! 17880560_10212651956724218_4759009473222924835_o“Animated” shall be the quote for every photo of Steven Krage in my phone…

2017ltymrehearsal1Dinner and drinks at the Diag Bar & Grill: Natasha Nicholes, Brandie Langer, and Janine Peltier Macris.


June Cavaretta, Jackie Pick, Kristin Galbraith, and Melisa Wells.


And so, just like that, we are nearly to the end of this year’s journey. It’s crazy how fast time flies, right? “They grow so fast!”


Tickets to this year’s show are available via . 10% of every ticket sale will be donated to Deborah’s Place; a local non-profit that benefits women struggling through homelessness.


(And yes, I AM singing that Christina Perri song as I read the blog title…)

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