2017 Local Sponsor Spotlight: Anicca Float Club!

by Melisa on March 29, 2017

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO is so grateful to the local businesses that support our show. One of these is Anicca Float Club in Naperville. Owners and husband/wife team Paul and Lindsay are incredible people who are having a great time providing a place where folks can find relaxation, inner peace, and relief from anxiety and chronic pain by floating.

Anicca Float Club

What is floating, you ask? Floating, also known as flotation therapy, is a form of sensory deprivation in which you spend from 60-90 minutes in a float pod or tank which contains water that has a higher sodium content than that of the Dead Sea. It has been around since the 1970s and is only now making great gains as a popular, readily accessible form of self care.

One of the first things I tell people in any conversation when floating happens to come up is that some of the best naps I ever enjoy are in the float tank. (Water naps: yes, please!) People always look at me a little strangely until I explain that, with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt in those ten inches of water, there’s no way one can possibly drown so sleeping is pretty easy. I absolutely love being completely still in the water, in the dark, and away from all of life’s distractions. It is very difficult for me to shut my brain down under normal circumstances so flotation therapy has been a real gift to me. I leave my float appointments feeling mentally lighter and brighter, and I am always excited to make the next appointment so I can look forward to it.

Anicca Float Club recently closed for three weeks to do a huge remodel, but they’re open again and it looks fantastic! They installed four new float rooms which are even more spacious than the four they replaced:

Float room

When I arrived for my most recent appointment and told Lindsay how happy I was to get back and try one of the new rooms, she said, “They’re huge! You can do a 360 in there!” (Can’t lie, I did take a spin before my nap.)

Lindsay and Paul also installed new floors outside the shower area in each room, and they built a sunny yellow powder room that is such a happy place to dry hair and put on makeup before going back outside to get back to reality.

Float powder room

The remodel is fantastic and it was completed in the nick of time, too: Anicca Float Club is celebrating its second anniversary this week! If you’re in the area, stop by (right off I-88 at Route 59 and Ferry Rd.) on Saturday April 1 between 4-9pm for food, drinks, and high fives from the float community! ALSO, for 24 hours and ONLINE ONLY on April 1, you can purchase floats for only $41, with no limit. Visit their website for more information!

By the way, please follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!

Thank you SO much again, Lindsay and Paul! We appreciate your support of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO! (and I’ll see you soon! Woo!)

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