The Last First

by Tracey on March 20, 2017


L-R, Top-Bottom: Danielle Zack, Kristin Galbraith, Karen Zatz, Natasha C. Nicholes, Tracey Becker, Brandie Langer, Jackie Pick, Steven Krage, Lea Grover, Melisa Wells, June Cavarretta, Kim Cavill, Janine Peltier Macris, Emma Langer, Kristin Mantta. Photo credit: Balee Images

Our last first rehearsal was on Saturday, and we were BLOWN AWAY! Each year, we think we know what we are getting into with each piece that is chosen, and each year, we are surprised by just how beautiful it is to hear them all together.So many unique perspectives… such different walks of life. Yet it all comes down to the same undercurrent that is the driving theme behind the show: Love. Acceptance. Motherhood.

ltym20172One more time for Melisa and me to mimic each other unintentionally.



Perhaps it’s because it’s our last time doing this show, but this year just seems so… perfect. There were moments during the rehearsal that it struck me how very many lives have been brought together because of it… because of US. Because of YOU. Every cast member, auditioner, audience member, sponsor… We are so grateful for every single person who has believed in this project. Without you all, moments like these wouldn’t be possible.ltym20179

Thank you to Brandi Lee of Balee Images for using your artistic eye to capture the love and laughter behind the scenes! We can NOT stress how much you mean to us.

Tickets are still available for the Early Bird discount, ending on March 31!

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