Announcing Chicago’s Sixth Annual LTYM Show Cast!

by Melisa on February 24, 2017


The end. Thanks for reading!

Just kidding! We have an announcement to make and can’t just stop writing at “wow”, but truly: WOW.

Tracey and I had so much fun last weekend hearing your stories at auditions, Chicago. We laughed, we cried, we nodded, we said “me too” a bunch of times. It was our honor to take in your words and roll them around in our heads for a while. Just like always, we were so impressed with the talent (and heart!) in the Windy City.

Making the “mixtape” of stories for our sixth and final show at the Athenaeum Theatre on Sunday May 7 at 2pm (Do you like how I tossed a plug in there?) was a challenge because as usual we had so much to choose from, but in the end the stories ended up sort of choosing themselves, and each other, if that makes any sense. Tracey and I are thrilled–BEYOND THRILLED, actually–to bring thirteen brand new, true motherhood stories to our home stage in a couple of months, and we hope you’ll join us to laugh, cry (just a teeny bit!), nod, and hopefully say “Me too!” when you catch up with our cast members in the lobby afterwards.

Without further ado, please give a standing ovation–even though they won’t see it but you’ll look so cute doing it–for our 2017, final cast of Listen To Your Mother Chicago:

June Cavarretta
Kim Cavill
Kristin Galbraith
Lea Grover
Steven Krage
Brandie Langer
Emma Langer
Janine Peltier Macris
Kristin Mantta
Natasha C. Nicholes
Jackie Pick
Danielle Zack
Karen Zatz

(Tracey and I will be reading, too. Yes, I DID say “thirteen, brand new, true motherhood stories”. Hmmmm!)

Tickets are on sale NOW at Early Bird pricing, which ends March 31. We’re doing General Admission again which means that if you have lots of adorably indecisive friends, you can buy your ticket now and when they finally commit, you can still sit together anyway!

A percentage of ticket proceeds will be donated to Deborah’s Place, which provides opportunities to women experiencing homelessness in Chicago. Please plan to attend our show to support your friends who are in the cast, to support thirteen total strangers, to listen to thirteen awesome motherhood stories, to have a great afternoon out with your favorite people, or all of the above! Did I mention it’s at the Athenaeum Theatre on Sunday May 7 at 2pm? That’s the Sunday BEFORE Mother’s Day, by the way. And of course I mentioned that already near the top of the post; consider this your reminder to take action. We hope to look out into the audience and see YOU!

In the meantime, keep your eyes on this page for cast spotlights, sponsor spotlights, show news, and all kinds of other goodies.

Congratulations again to the newest members of our LTYM Chicago family!


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