Cast Spotlight on Beth Prystowsky

by Tracey on April 16, 2016

Beth Prystowsky is a person who brings calmness and kindness with her wherever she goes. She need not “worry” about the show, though; we know she’s going to fabulous on stage! 


I’ve always been a worrier. I remember sitting by my front window waiting for my parents to get home convinced that something horrible had happened to them in our safe suburb.

Luckily, as I grew up and learned about yoga I began to develop tools and life lessons in which I realized regardless if I worry or not bad things happen. I surprisingly became very optimistic and cut my worry time drastically.

Then I became pregnant.

I worried if this was a good decision. I worried if the baby was healthy. I worried if I would be able to handle the pain of labor and delivery.

Then I had a baby.ry=400-2

I worried about breastfeeding. I worried about us both getting enough sleep. I worried about my baby crying too loud in public.

As toddlerhood approached the worry turned to potty training, preschool selection and play date etiquette.ry=400-4

As time passed my toddler has grown into an intelligent, interesting and thoughtful tween, and I now realize there is ALWAYS something to worry about.

Now I worry that he has no one to sit with at lunch. Or he wasn’t invited to the latest birthday party that I only know about by the many pictures his classmates’ mother posted on Facebook.IMG_1695

I also irrationally worry that he will get hit by a car crossing the street because his head is buried in a book or maybe he will choke on the pretzels he is shoving in his mouth right now.

I know my mom still worries about 38 year old me when I forget to text her when my plane lands or when she shows up at my house with fresh groceries. It is a humble reminder that worrying is a natural response to this crazy love and journey of motherhood.

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To hear Beth on stage on May 1st, purchase your tickets HERE!

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