Cast Spotlight on Sidney C. Reid

by Tracey on April 11, 2016

We have had the pleasure of knowing Sidney C. Reid through the blogging world for many years now. We were so excited to have her in this LTYM cast! She exudes joy and strength, which is evident in the spotlight piece she chose to share below!


Once Mr. Incredible and I decided to increase our family, we thought it would be simple. We would go from three to four, hopefully an even number of girls and boys. Life would be sweet and we would be a complete family.10603999_10208102593507180_7440370934559311687_o

Not. Even.

Within six months we suffered together through two miscarriages. It was painful, but it brought us closer together as a family. We discussed it as a family if we should try again, because the third time is the charm right? Our oldest was included in the conversations, because this affected us all. We decided we would try again, and if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be.

Fair enough right?

So after some time we tried again. The cycle has been missed. The stick says YES!! but we have to be sure. We don’t get overly excited because our history says not to. We go to the doctor. I lay on a table, willingly being violated by a condom covered probe (yes, you needed that visual lol). And then we heard it. Boom Boom Boom. The sweetest sound ever. A tiny heartbeat. Tears running down my cheek, I am overwhelmed with love for my little body invader. And then fear strikes. The doctor says something doesn’t look right… Does she even understand that she could literally kill me with a noodle right now? With all we had been through, how dare you use those words!! And she scrolls over with the wheel on the ultrasound machine, her entire tone changes. Oh, she says in her calm but excited doctor voice, its just twins.

Double You. Tea. Eff.

Who says ‘just’ and ‘twins’ in the same sentence? And smiles!?!?!?!?!?!

And then we heard it….boom boom boom….. And then we saw THEM…..two perfect little beating hearts on the screen….

Oh. Em. Gee.893995_10203706633450926_6234395276134621758_o

How did this happen? (Figuratively of course) We were aiming for one additional tax write off child and now we were getting two! TWO!!!! So many things were going to have to change, but one thing was for certain….our family was getting bigger and we couldn’t have been happier.


Sidney Reid is a loving wife and mother of three who lives to please her family of men by never doing their laundry or making them five course meals. Instead she chooses to be well versed in superhero lore and Pokemon. Her musings over all things life related can be found at and you can follow her life in pictures on Instagram at

See Sidney and the rest of the cast on stage LIVE on Sunday, May 1st at the Athenaeum. Tickets on Sale NOW!

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