Nothing Quite Like the First Time…

by Tracey on March 21, 2016

Nothing else quite compares to a first rehearsal…

ltym 2016 1

L to R, top row: Francie Arenson Dickman, Andrea Burkly, Rachel Pokay, Tracey Becker, Sidney C. Reid, Pete Aiello, Mollie Ottenhoff, Melisa Wells, Kathy Benson. L to R front row: Nina Vallone, Megan Drozd, Bonnie Kenaz-Mara, Beth Prystowsky. Photo by Balee Images, LLC

The nervous ice is broken…

ltym2016 1

Pete Aiello, Mollie Ottenhoff, Andrea Burkly. Photo by Balee Images, LLC

Connections are formed as we share our stories…

ltym2016 2

Megan Drozd and Sidney C. Reid. Photo by Balee Images, LLC

There is always joyful laughter (as much of motherhood is hysterical)…

ltym2016 3

Bonnie Kenaz-Mara, Rachel Pokay, Sidney C. Reid, Megan Drozd. Photo by Balee Images, LLC

And there are always a few tears (as some of motherhood is heart-breaking).

ltym2016 6

Andrea Burkly, photo by Balee Images, LLC

When all of their pieces are woven together, this year’s cast is beautiful, inside and out; we are SO honored that they have chosen to share their stories on the Chicago Listen To Your Mother stage. Thank you to each and every cast member!

ltym2016 5

Melisa Wells & Tracey Becker, Sidney C. Reid, Beth Prystowsky, Bonnie Kenaz-Mara, Mollie Ottenhoff, Pete Aiello, Francie Arenson Dickman, Nina Vallone, Kathy Benson, Rachel Pokay, Andrea Burkly, Megan Drozd. Photo by Balee Images, LLC

We couldn’t end a rehearsal recap without thanking two incredible sponsors of the show. First thanks to Debi Lilly of DL Loft for allowing us to use her beautiful space in Chicago for our first rehearsal. The lighting and decor is absolutely stunning and causes our photographer to positively swoon. Set up to host any event or for a weekend in a Parisian-style apartment in Chicago, it is simply GORGEOUS!

Without the generous sponsorship of Brandi Lee from Balee Images, LLC, there wouldn’t BE any photographs to share today! She brings not only her talents but also her warm personality and kind heart. Thank you, Brandi, for helping us introduce the cast to each other and to the community with photos that capture the very essence of our show.

ltym2016 7

The amazing photographer, Brandi Lee with Melisa and Tracey

We hope you’ll be at the show this year! Tickets are still at the Early Bird pricing, but only until March 31, so act NOW before you miss the discount!


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