Local Sponsor Spotlight: Anicca Float Club!

by Melisa on February 22, 2016

Tracey and I are tremendously thankful for our local sponsors; if it weren’t for them we literally would not be able to get this little show to stage each year. It has been a blast, developing relationships with the people behind the awesome local businesses that support us, and we are thrilled in our fifth year to welcome Lindsay and Paul of Anicca (pronounced A-NEE-cha) Float Club in Naperville. I met them back in the fall when I went for my first float, and I want you to meet them too.

Paul and Lindsay, co-owners of Anicca Float Club (Picture courtesy of Anicca Float Club )

Paul and Lindsay, co-owners of Anicca Float Club (Picture courtesy of Anicca Float Club)

But first, a little about floating. Floating is a form of sensory deprivation in which you spend from 60-90 minutes in a float pod or tank which contains water that has a higher sodium content than that of the Dead Sea. It has been around since the 1970s and is only now making great gains as a popular, readily accessible form of self care.

I have floated several times since September (maybe six times? seven?) and it does wonders to relieve the stress of my busy brain.

Last week I interviewed Lindsay (one of the shiniest, happiest people you’ll ever meet, seriously) in order to share some good information here about Anicca Float Club and floating in general.

Melisa: What is floating?
Lindsay: Floating is relaxing in your own private pool of 10 inches of water and 1100 pounds of Epsom salt heated to skin temperature. The environment eliminates all outside distractions, enabling you to get into a deeply meditative state that is incredibly restorative for your body.

float tank

M: Why do people float?
L: People float to help manage stress (floating lowers the stress hormones in the body) or chronic pain (our clients usually get from one to three days of pain relief). Floating helps you attain a meditative state. People also float to help with anxiety and depression and to help with recovery from exercise.

M: How did you first learn about it?
L: We learned about it through the Joe Rogan podcast. He talks about floating all the time.

M: What made you want to cross over into owning your own float business?
L: After completing 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Courses, we traveled to SpaceTime Tanks in Lincoln Park to float. Our first float blew our minds. We could not believe how easy it was to meditate in the float tank. We found that there just weren’t any places close by and didn’t want to continue traveling to downtown Chicago to float: the drive home was sad because we couldn’t enjoy the deep relaxation had just obtained! We thought, “If floating can help so many people, then why isn’t it more available?” We took 18 months to research it and finally opened Anicca Float Club! We can now share the benefits of flotation therapy and the power of meditation with everyone who walks through our doors.

M: How often does the typical client make an appointment?
L: Once or twice a month.

M: What are the BIGGEST benefits of floating?
L: It reduces stress, improves mental clarity, boosts creativity, and relieves inflammation.

M: What about if you’re claustrophobic?
L: For the first float we tell our clients that they can leave the light on. The rooms are spacious and as you close your eyes the walls seem to melt away and it can feel like you’re floating in outer space. They can leave the light on or even crack the door if it makes them feel better.

M: One of the things I love about your business is that you and Paul are very focused on not just serving clients, but actually creating a community. Can you tell me a little bit about that?
L: We opened this because we genuinely love floating and how it helps people and opens them up. People walk around with shells to protect themselves and floating tears down those walls. It puts you in a state where you can actually talk to people. Every day in here we have conversations about economics or dreams or ideas; the power of floating takes off the barriers to open people up so you can get to know them and just exchange ideas. It’s like the internet but better: people don’t expect that to happen on our couch! We have a community of people who are compassionate to each other and we learn that we’re actually all the same. Floating helps people because our minds ARE the same. Getting brought back to a state of “just being” is so powerful. It makes us feel united instead of divided.

M: What is the best way to get started?
L: Visit our website to see our schedule, pics, and videos, and read our blog! If you want more we’re on social media…or just give us a call with questions!

Anicca Float Club logo

Want to try it? Anicca Float Club is located in Naperville (right off I-88 at Route 59 and Ferry) and has several pricing options. A single float is $59 and a New Client three-pack is $149. Beyond that there are monthly memberships at different levels. The cool thing is, floats roll over and don’t expire, so if you have an extra busy month you’re not losing anything that you’ve paid for. Floats run every two hours: 10 AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM and 8PM (no 8PM floats on Thursdays or Sundays, though) and there are four float rooms at Anicca Float Club, so you can float simultaneously–but not in the same room–as friends!

For lots more information, visit the Anicca Float Club website. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!

Thank you SO much again, Lindsay and Paul! We appreciate your support of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Chicago!

(One final note: tickets for the 2016 Chicago LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER show are on sale now!)

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