Chicago’s Charity for 2016

by Tracey on January 13, 2016

There are countless aspects of Listen To Your Mother that cause us to pause and ask ourselves how we were so blessed to become involved. The community it creates, the empowerment it provides… and especially the ability to work with some amazing charities and non-profits. Did you know that each show contributes at least 10% of their ticket proceeds to a local organization? It’s humbling to see the incredible work that these local foundations are providing and to know that our show will benefit their efforts. It’s beyond humbling to know that on a national level, Listen To Your Mother has contributed over $80,000 to women and children focused charities and non-profits!

In the past years, the Chicago show has worked with Bright Pink, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Recovery on Water, and The Red Pump Project. Each organization has a specific and unique aspect to them that touched our hearts. We highly encourage you to check out their websites and consider them for future donations.

This year, for our fifth annual show, we chose a fabulous charity that benefits Latina women and children in and around Chicago. Mujeres Latinas en Acción is a multi-service facility strives to encourage and empower women, giving them the strength to become their own advocates.

Founded in 1973, “Mujeres Latinas en Acción empowers Latinas by providing services which reflect their values and culture and by being an advocate on the issues that make a difference in their lives.”  Mujeres provides bilingual/bicultural, client-centered human services addressing critical issues such as domestic violence and sexual assault, leadership and youth development, positive parent support, and economic empowerment. Mujeres also acts as a leading advocate on critical issues to ensure that the voices of those in the communities we serve are recognized among local and national lawmakers.

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When reading their foundation’s history, this phrase was especially touching:

Our goal at Mujeres is not just to provide services and resources to the women and families we serve, but to empower them…we want each individual to walk out of our doors with a sense of self-worth, dignity, and leadership skills that enable them to make a difference in their own lives, as well as in the community,” Maria S. Pesqueira, CEO.

This is also what Melisa and I want for each of you! Submitting, auditioning, performing, or sitting in the audience, we want you to feel validated, heard, and empowered. You CAN make a difference in your own life, as well as in the world! Perhaps your path includes being on stage in May…

Let’s find out; Submissions are open starting January 18!


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