2015 Video Release!

by Tracey on July 10, 2015

After countless hours of editing and proofing and other fancy video editing verbs that I know very little about, the LTYM 2015 videos are officially released!! With hundreds to choose from, there are a few ways to go about diving into the newest releases.

1. Just start at the first video that pops up on the National LTYMshow YouTube Channel.

2. You can search for topics or themes (humor, birth stories, etc.) within the YouTube channel.

3. Or (and this is my personal suggestion), you can start with individual cities, like, say… CHICAGO!

Please take the time to browse through, leave your supportive comments, and share these videos with your friends. The Story of Motherhood is vast and diverse, and one that we can all relate to.

If you are searching for one particular Chicago 2015 video, here is the cast line up in order of their show day performances.

Patti Minglin

Lyletta Robinson

Pamela Valentine

Melisa Wells

Angie Bahng

Keesha Beckford

David Slattery

Cindy Fey

Stephanie Kush

Tracey Becker

Kathleen Buckley

Cyn Vargas

Erin Skibinski and Samantha Schultz

Enjoy and thank you so much to the National team who put countless hours of work into making this happen!


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