And Now, Our Fourth Annual Pre-Show Conversation Post!!

by Tracey on May 1, 2015

Tracey: 2 days before our fourth show!! Yaayyy!!

Melisa: Where did the time go??? It seems like only yesterday that we were in the midst of auditions!

T: Sunrise, Sunset…

M: OMG. Stop. But they DO grow up so fast, don’t they?

T: This year has been awesome in the way that I would assume having a fourth child is awesome: we know what to expect, but the surprises didn’t really throw us for any loops. We just rolled with it.

M: So true. It felt weird but also nice to know that we FINALLY know what we’re doing. I mean, not that we didn’t before. (*waves to 2012, 2013, and 2014 casts*)

T: Hi guys!

M: Hey, lots of them will be in the audience on Sunday!!!

T: I know! Once you start watching LTYM, it’s kind of hard to miss a year. It moves you.

M: I know that *I* don’t want to miss a year! Not that I’m going anywhere.

T: So help me God, if you ever miss a year, I will be locked up in a padded cell by June.

M: I won’t! I won’t!

T: *kind of shaking in fear*

M: Okay, but this is not about us. How ‘bout that 2015 cast???

T: SO. Talented. SO SO SO. We really know how to pick them, eh? (pats self on back)

M: Aaaaand back to us. But SERIOUSLY.

T: Seriously, I’m proud and honored and ANXIOUS for the audience to see their range of stories this year!!!!

M: We say that every year but honestly, it’s so true! We are so blessed here in Chicago to have such incredible writers. You know which essay I’m most excited about hearing live in front of our audience on Sunday?

T: You really shouldn’t tell everyone that you like me the best.

M: Um. Wow. ANYHOO…what I was GOING to say is that the essay I’m most looking forward to on Sunday is ALL OF THEM. It was a trick question! Haha! We put together such a nice mix. The audience is going to be blown away.

T: I hate trick questions.

M: Okay, here’s a real question. How can people buy tickets, if they haven’t already??

T: Funny you should ask that because I was JUST GOING TO PUT IN A LINK! #onemind

M: #onemind

T: If you haven’t already picked up your ticket, please do so online by clicking HERE or calling the box office at 773-935-6875. Bring your friends and family! The Athenaeum is a HUGE and gorgeous theater!

M: Oh!! And this year we’ve even got Luvvie Ajayi, co-founder of The Red Pump Project, speaking from the stage about her organization. The Red Pump Project, which will receive 10% of our ticket proceeds this year, educates about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls through focused events and their signature campaign, #RockTheRedPump!

T: I’m really excited to see her and hear what she has to say. AND I’m excited to see Ann Imig and buy a copy of the LTYM anthology! Chicago is well represented in the book.

M: Ann will be signing books before the show, just off the lobby in the lounge! We’re always excited to have her in the house, but this year is especially cool, with the new book. I’m exhausted already and it’s not even Sunday yet!

T: I think we need naps.

M: Naps RULE. Zzzzzzz….


Cheryl at Busy Since Birth May 1, 2015 at 12:53 pm

So jealous of the bond you two have. An early congratulations on what I’m sure will be a fabulous show!

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