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by Tracey on April 29, 2015

With the show drawing near, we only have a few more posts to share with you. I’m so glad we are able to share a post from Angie Bahng!


With or without the kids

By Angie Bahng

Similarly to my fellow cast member Patti Minglin, I just returned from two weeks of traveling for work without my kids and husband. Since returning to work full-time last year, these trips were my first time away from the kids.

“Why did you have to go on vacation without us?” my three-year-old kept asking.

I tried to tell her that it wasn’t really a “vacation,” but who was I kidding? In some ways, having four days in a row by myself was a vacation!

My coworker and I, who also has two young kids, kept looking at each other like we were in some parallel universe while we sailed through airport security, ate lunch in peace, and checked our email without interruptions.

“I keep turning around looking for my daughter to be trailing behind me,” my coworker said.

“I know!” I said. The best thing about traveling for work was being without the kids. But, it was also the worst thing.

My coworker was dealing with the guilt of being away from a five-year-old with stomach flu and a husband who had to travel the same week.

I thought I had lucked out, until I had to leave a day early from our trip because my father was unexpectedly hospitalized, and my older daughter ended up catching a stomach bug the night I returned.

During my first week away, I was video chatting with my girls on Face Time when I saw my younger one start gagging.

“I think she’s going to throw up!” I warned my husband. But it was too late. A second later, she had vomited all over herself, my husband, and our armchair. And I had been able to witness it all thanks to Face Time.

The second week away was a little better in comparison. Although we did have one other Face Time incident where my three-year-old happily went away to get a toy to show me, and the next thing I heard were screams and loud wails. She had fallen down the stairs.  Thankfully she was ok, although shaken.

That seemed to be theme of the week for all of us.

My husband related to me the difficulty of getting our six-year-old on the bus one morning.

“I had to carry her out with no shoes. I barely got her dressed,” he told me.

Yep, I thought. That’s happened before.

“Now I know how you feel,” he said.

But overall, he was a trooper. I have to give him credit for getting the kids fed, dressed, off to school, taking them to the grocery, the park, the library, even grilling burgers and hot dogs for them one day when it was unseasonably warm.

At the end of the kids’ spring break, we decided to take them for a little staycation in downtown Chicago since I had been away for the past two weeks.

In my zeal to pack in a fun-filled weekend, I completely overdid it by scheduling both a fancy afternoon tea and an unintentionally fancy dinner out on the same night.

During the tea, the waiter brought out a fancy plate of “kid-friendly” sandwiches including Nutella and banana, chicken salad, and a dressed-up peanut butter and jam.

My older daughter took one look at the sandwiches and asked for some plain bread and butter.

Three courses later, both my girls were rolling around in their seats asking when they could go back to the hotel room. For them, the best part of the whole staycation was simply swimming in the hotel pool.

That night, we pushed our luck further by keeping our reservations at an even fancier restaurant which I had not realized did not take cancellations and had only a tasting menu.

I was sure either my husband or the table next to us was going to kill us before the dinner was over. I felt like the couple who had taken their baby to Alinea, and was literally ready to crawl under the table when the diners next to us stopped us on their way out.

“I just wanted to compliment you on how well-behaved your girls are!” the very kind gentleman said while my husband and I looked at each other in disbelief.

Our iPhones were the only thing that had gotten us through the meal, but if it was a compliment that the man wanted to give us, I would take it.

“Thank you very much!” I said, beaming. Yes, thank you, girls, and my husband, for putting up with me being away for two weeks, and then forcing you to sit through two fancy meals in a row. I’m proud to have you as my daughters, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!9970



I love this story, Angie! Thank you for sharing!

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