Local Sponsor Spotlight: Naperville Moms Network

by Melisa on April 28, 2015

I have a special place in my heart for the LTYM Chicago local sponsor we’re featuring today. I will have lived in Naperville (a suburb that is thirty miles directly west of Chicago) for twenty years this fall. It’s the longest (by far!) I’ve ever been in one town. I raised my kids here; when we moved here, my boys were three and a half years old…and seven months old! Being a young mom back in the Stone Age when a thing called “The Internet” was just starting to catch on (*insert dial-up sound here*), I had to make friends the old-fashioned way: by meeting my neighbors and hanging out after preschool or at the park. It took a while.

Naturally, “the old-fashioned way” is still a great way to make friends, but gosh I wish Naperville Moms Network had been in existence back in the day because I really could have used it.

NMN logo

Somewhere along the way just a few years ago, I met Dr. Cathy Subber, who owns the network. Dr. Cathy is super-involved in the Naperville community and I know her as a woman who loves making connections and connecting others. She has grown NMN beyond belief over the past couple of years: there’s always something going on, and members can be as active as they want to be.

From Dr. Cathy:
“Naperville Moms Network is an online community of almost 4000 local moms in the Western Suburbs! Our community serves to connect, empower and support each other in our journeys as mothers. We host networking luncheons, Girls’ Nights Out, Vendor table opportunities and our Annual Back 2 School BBQ! We would love to connect with you at www.NapervilleMomsNetwork.com! If you have any questions about our network, please email us at drcathy@napervillemomsnetwork.com.”

See? Don’t you want to get involved?

NMN is a perfect fit for LTYM Chicago, and we are so happy to partner with Dr. Cathy this year. You can like NMN on Facebook HERE, follow them on Twitter HERE, and if you have any questions, well, email Dr. Cathy at the email address up THERE!

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