Cast Spotlight on Samantha Schultz

by Tracey on April 16, 2015

Listen To Your Mother is such an amazing experience that our cast alumni want to return to the stage and do it again (and again and again). One such repeat performer is the lovely Samantha Schultz, who is sharing a spotlight piece with you all today!


The Letter

by Samantha Schultz

Oftentimes on the internet, we are bombarded with messages. Sometimes lovely, sometimes unwelcomed, and sometimes just there. There are also countless posts, stories, articles that preach freedom of speech, but in that same token, serve as a reminder that someone somewhere wants to tell YOU what you should be writing, feeling, thinking.

And it needs to stop.

To the people writing those anonymous letters to strangers they meet just about every single day,

Stop it. Your letter is not really anonymous anymore. It’s on the interwebs. That mom you saw drinking coffee and looking sad in Starbucks probably was. It’s a good thing you didn’t walk up to her like a human being and say hello or share a smile. Thank goodness she can finally know how you feel once you tell her. And the rest of the universe. In the space of the internet.

Don’t forget the parents who do just about anything. Each of them has to have a letter, too. To the mom who breastfeeds, formula feeds, works, doesn’t work, talks about her kids too much, doesn’t talk about her kids enough, feeds her kids organic food, feeds her kids something that isn’t healthy, lives, breathes, eats, exists. I know you’ve covered all of those by this point, so that each mom somehow finds that keen sense of satisfaction. Oh, but don’t forget to write the letter to the moms who don’t receive internet letters. How will they possibly find out what their self-worth is from a stranger?

How about we just start having these conversations OUT LOUD? Like when we talk to our circle of friends and even strangers when we see them in the store? “Hey, it looks like you’re doing a really great job with those kiddos. I hope you have a stellar day.”

And yes, I realize that I’ve written my own letter. But I’m starting to get worried that the people of this world don’t really know how to communicate any other way so I figured I’d “talk” to them in the way they know how.  Consider this my version of telling other people what they can and can’t write, feel or think (and then disregard what a random stranger wrote about you. It doesn’t really matter anyway).

But think about this the next time you want to type those “letters.” Why don’t we just genuinely ask someone how their day was? To their face. Think they need some encouragement? Actually speak to them.  Worried that a stranger is having a rough day? Share a smile with them or pay it forward with a cup of coffee.

That’s part of the reason why I love Listen to Your Mother and am participating for the second time. It does more than give motherhood a microphone, it brings those letters, thoughts, feelings and human experience to life. You get to hear that motherhood is beautiful, difficult, magnificent and painful, but oh so worth it. You get to actually interact with people who know where you’ve been and sometimes where you’re headed and you get to actually hear those words with feeling, emphasis and power.

But most of all, you get to share your story through your eyes in your voice and with a true sense of compassion, love and grace. And that’s a letter worth writing.


Hey, did you know that the show is only 17 days away?!?! If you have your tickets already, then we can’t wait to see you on May 3rd! If not, then do yourself a solid and head to the ticket site NOW before it’s too late!!

Mollie April 18, 2015 at 8:45 am

Yes, but sometimes what you have to say would not give the person warm and fuzzy feelings, and then you can write an anonymous letter:

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