They’re here! They’re here!

by Tracey on July 9, 2014

Living in the era of the internet has opened up new doors for entertainment. Our show would have been a one-day opportunity to witness in the pre-internet days of the not-so-distant-past. Instead, thanks to YouTube and the internet, you are ALL able to sit back and enjoy the Chicago Listen To Your Mother show of 2014 from the comfort of your home, or office, or even in the airport lounge.

We are SO excited to announce that the 2014 show is on YouTube!

Click here to find the Chicago 2014 Playlist.

Sit back and enjoy the carefully selected pieces of this year’s show, in the order they were on stage, or feel free to jump about and watch your favorites over and over again! Once you’ve finished with the Chicago line-up, grab a REALLY big drink and settle in for the long haul of enjoying the hundreds of new videos from the 31 other cities that also hosted a LTYM show in 2014!

We want to say thank you once more to our local sponsors for making the Chicago show possible and to the national sponsors for making ALL of this possible! Please check out their sites, especially the national video sponsor, . If you purchase their booklet for $5 now, all of the proceeds go towards their charity, Junior Achievement USA.

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