Thank You For A Wonderful 2014 Season!

by Melisa on May 14, 2014

Each year, we compare the process of producing LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO to that of raising a child, don’t we? Our first “baby” was so exciting and confusing and unexpected with all of the new experiences and trials. Our second “baby” was also exciting but for different reasons: we KNEW what to expect and couldn’t wait to experience those First Steps with another cast! Last year definitely felt like a second child; we were less fearful and still wondering how any other show could be as wonderful as our first show was. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we loved (adored) our second cast and show just as much as our first.

This year, on our third “baby,” we were full of confidence that we could handle whatever this show had to throw at us. Minor issues and inconveniences will ALWAYS occur when a live-stage show is being produced. It was really validating to know that we had been there and done that enough to handle it all, you know? This year truly felt, to both of us, like it was our “third child.” We handled it all without breaking a sweat and still managed to look cute while doing it. Don’t you agree?

Tracey and Melisa LTYM Chicago 2014

Naturally, we couldn’t do this without the generous support of our sponsors, both local and national.

This year, LTYM was thrilled to find a partner in Chevrolet, our national sponsor. Chevrolet cars allow the modern American family to find new roads while building our lives and chasing our dreams. Chevrolet helped LTYM cast members, producers, and directors to find new roads by bringing our writing to life on stage and Chevy fostered new roads to Mother’s Day through the power of our community celebrations. With Chevrolet’s help, Tracey and I got to take a couple of fun road trips to see our LTYM sister shows in NW Indiana, Milwaukee, and Madison. If you’d like to read those recaps, click here, here, and here!

Chevrolet Find New Roads

LTYM and Chevrolet Volt

Our national media sponsor for the third year in a row was BlogHer. BlogHer serves as the premier destination for women online. Connect with other bloggers at or at a BlogHer conference. This year’s conference, their Tenth Anniversary Celebration, is back where it all began in Silicon Valley, CA from July 24-26!


Chicago’s Megaphone sponsor for 2014 was Prentice Women’s Hospital. Prentice is a one million square foot, state-of-the-art hospital dedicated to providing care for the unique needs of women through all stages of life.

Prentice Women's Hospital

2014 Microphone sponsors were Chicagonista Live, Aquarium Salon, Balee Images, and Little Brown Bear Chicago. Our podium sponsors were Little Beans Cafe, STEM Kids Chicago, Chicago Elevated, Skydeck Chicago, Arranmore Arts, Neighborhood Parents’ Network, Pizano’s Pizza and Pasta, and 2nd Story. Thanks so much to Kernel SweeTooth, Dr. Robert Pick of Progressive Periodontics, and the Rosen Automotive Family for their additional support!

LTYM Chicago 2014 sponsor table

A special thank you to LTYM Founder and National Director Ann Imig for her continuing vision and support. Obviously, none of this would be possible without you (or your mom, so thanks to her, too!). Thanks also to Deb Rox and Stephanie Precourt for their national behind the scenes work.

Our lead photographer this year was Brandi Lee of Balee Images, with special assistance from Elizabeth Rago of Little Brown Bear Chicago. Brandi and Elizabeth captured every step of our journey from the first rehearsal all the way to show day, and we will treasure the pictures forever. (All photos in this post–except for the Instagram picture of Tracey and me with the Chevrolet Volt–were taken by Brandi.) Thank you so much to both of you!

Oscar Selfie

LTYM Chicago 2014

Once again, Howard Little of VideoTwist Productions captured our show so that we can offer the individual readings on the LTYMshow YouTube channel later this summer. Tracey and I have watched the show and we can’t wait for you to see it, too. Thank you, Howard!

Many thanks to Allan, Jeff, Beth, and Sarah at the Athenaeum Theatre. It’s always a pleasure to work with you!

Thanks to Abigail and Joel Gratcyk for helping us on show day with our sponsor table.

Finally, we want to thank our 2014 cast for their commitment, hard work, and bravery. We had a great time getting to know these thirteen ladies and we’re thrilled that they are now permanent members of the LTYM Chicago family. (They’re stuck with us.) Thanks Lea, Andrea, Sarah, Paulette, Julie, Kim, Kristen, Keely, Saya, Hyacynth, Meggan, Kari, and Crystal!! xoxo

2014 cast1

All LTYM shows donate 10% of ticket proceeds to a local charitable organization. We will be back soon with more about our donation to this year’s charity partner, Recovery on Water.

If you would like to be included in the email announcements for next year’s LTYM Chicago show, please email Tracey and Melisa at with the subject line “email list.” We are already planning for next year!!

One more thank you: to YOU. Whether you were a part of our audience or if you shared our news or encouraged a friend to submit an essay or even auditioned yourself, or if you’re just a loyal reader of this blog, we are so happy you became involved with LTYM Chicago. THANK YOU.

Ann May 17, 2014 at 10:14 am

It was a beautiful show. Another beautiful show!!! THANK YOU to our Chicago Wonder Twins!!!

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