And Now, Our Third Annual Pre-Show Conversation Post.

by Melisa on May 2, 2014

Melisa: Hey Tracey.

Tracey: Hey Melisa. What up?

Melisa: I just wanted to let you know that our show is in two days, in case you forgot.

Tracey: You know what? I almost did! I was all, “I wonder when the show is?” and then you said “SUNDAY!” What would I do without you?

Melisa: I know. Thank goodness you have me. And thank goodness I have you! We’re a great team.

Tracey: We are adorable. (I hope people know that we’re being silly. Even though it’s true. I mean, WE ARE AWESOME.) (But modest).

Melisa: SPEAKING OF AWESOME, our show is going to be awesome.

Tracey: As usual, you are correct.

Melisa: Stop laughing.

Editorial insert: FYI, Melisa and Tracey write these posts while on Google Hangout, so this is all Real Time, baby.

Google Hangout

Tracey: Then stop being SO FUNNY! Wait. That was me being funny.

Melisa: Okay, we should really tell people a little more about our show. We don’t want to scare them away with our being overly hilarious and correct and all.

Tracey: Whatevs. I am totally breezy. So, the SHOW!!!! It’s on SUNDAY!! And It. Is. AWESOME.

Melisa: I can’t wait for our audience to hear the story about the *deleted* and the *deleted* and the time when that thing in the *deleted* happened.

Tracey: Definitely. I’m excited to see our cast back stage, too. I love that feeling! I hope we are able to treasure each moment as it happens.

Melisa: The sad thing is, for us the time during the show is going to go by like THAT. Our show baby is all grown up.

Tracey: Time to pack up the training wheels and shove that “baby” out onto the street. Hope he/she knows how to balance properly. Are you sure we gave it enough LOVE? Does our baby know how much we love it?!?!? Hold me.

Melisa: ARE YOU CRYING??? Oh my gosh. The great thing is, even though show day will come and go, our cast is stuck with us forever. I’m not sure they knew what they were getting into when they signed on for this. LTYM CHICAGO FOREVER!

Tracey: We’re like a fungus. But a really cute and adorable fungus that you don’t REALLY want to get rid of.

Melisa: Wow. Um, yes.

Tracey: I’m great with the metaphors, eh?

Melisa: Yes, you are. Any words of wisdom we should offer to our incredible 2014 cast before show day?

Tracey: Enjoy the moment! They were all chosen for this cast for a REASON and all deserve to be on that stage. Expert or novice, each is talented and beautiful.

Melisa: I would add that they should be proud of their accomplishments on this journey so far, and that by being brave and sharing their story, there’s no telling how many people will be impacted by their five minutes on stage. It’s exciting!

Tracey: Goosebumps!!

Melisa: I know, right?

Tracey: Seriously, people, if you don’t have your tickets yet, we forgive you. A little. But here is the link. Please support not only our amazing cast but also the charity that will receive 10% of all ticket proceeds this season. You can read more about Recovery On Water here.

Melisa: Okay, I guess we should rehearse now.

Tracey: Yayyy!!! Let’s do this.

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