Megaphone Sponsor Spotlight: Prentice Women’s Hospital

by Melisa on April 29, 2014

As we’ve said about a hundred times (maybe a thousand), Tracey and I could not produce this show without sponsors. We have been very lucky in the past three years to have amazing sponsors who are just as excited about the show as we are. Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Prentice Women’s Hospital is the latest in that distinguished line of tremendously amazing local sponsors.

Prentice Women's Hospital

One of the major reasons we were so thrilled to partner up with Prentice Women’s Hospital is because we feel like it goes hand in hand with our 2014 charity partner, Recovery on Water. ROW is a support service and exercise program for women who are currently in treatment or have been through treatment for breast cancer. Prentice Women’s Hospital takes great care of women too, in every area of health:

Prentice Women’s Hospital opened its new facility on October 20, 2007 when it moved from its original facility to a new one million square foot state-of-the-art hospital dedicated to providing care for the unique needs of women through all stages of life. The hospital was thoughtfully conceived to provide patients with comfort and convenience, the latest in healthcare technology and support of the best professionals in healthcare.

From gynecologic and pregnancy care to menopause and bone health, we’re here for the health and happiness of women in all the stages of their lives. As part of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Prentice Women’s Hospital exists to provide the highest quality of comprehensive medical care to meet the unique needs of women.

It only took about a minute after we posted the news of Prentice’s involvement with our show as a Megaphone sponsor for the positive comments to start rolling in. More people in my Friends List than I could have imagined gave birth at Prentice to one or more of their children, including a couple of our cast members (Featured on the NMH blog today!) AND none other than LTYM Founder/National Director Ann Imig. (What a cool coincidence!) The overwhelming positivity surrounding that announcement was awesome and we are honored to have the Prentice Women’s Hospital logo at the end of the video recordings of each reader at this year’s show (Show videos are expected to be on the LTYMShow YouTube by late summer).

You can learn more about Prentice Women’s Hospital on their website and follow Northwestern Memorial on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again, Prentice! Your support means the world to us!

Tracey April 29, 2014 at 3:32 pm

Thank you, Prentice!

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