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by Tracey on April 27, 2014

I love that when we asked the cast to share something about themselves, Kim talked about how important the “Z” is in her name. I can appreciate not wanting to lose something that connects you to your past.


Why did I decide to audition for this year’s show?

By Kim  Z. Dale


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Because I’m stubborn.

I heard about Listen to Your Mother after the show two years ago. The moment I heard about it I knew I wanted to audition the following year. As a mother, writer, and performer the show seemed like a perfect fit for me. I subscribed to email updates and anxiously waited for word of when they were accepting submissions.

When the time came I sent in my essay, and I got called for an audition. I did not get cast.

My brain told me that these things happen. A lot of people were competing for a limiting number of spots. A lot of considerations go into selecting who will in the show. Who is selected and who is not is more complicated than good versus bad. My brain knew all these things.

My heart, however, wasn’t listening to my brain. My heart was crushed with a shamefully ugly mix of resentment and jealousy. My heart told me that I never wanted to audition for Listen to Your Mother ever again.

When this year’s submission period came around I hadn’t written anything to submit, and I had no intention of doing so. Then the jealousy came back, but this time I wasn’t jealous of the people who had gotten cast the previous year. This time I was jealous of the nervous excitement of all the people I knew who were submitting to the show.

I didn’t want to keep being the bitter, sore loser I had allowed myself to become. I didn’t want to be the sort of person who gives up. As the saying goes (or at least how it should go):

If at first you don’t succeed, get over yourself, and try again.

I wrote my essay, submitted it, and got called for an audition. The fact that this post is appearing on this website should be the spoiler that this time I did get selected for the cast.

The joy I’ve felt getting to know the rest of the cast, hearing their stories, and sharing my story with them is beyond the opposite of the disappointment I felt last year. Being in the cast of Listen to Your Mother has been so fulfilling and so much fun, and we haven’t even stepped foot near the stage yet.

I look forward to May 4th when we get to share this all with an audience.

Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to wear.

~~Kim Writes at Listing Beyond Forty~~

Whatever you wear Kim, it will pale in comparison to the words you speak! Thank you for auditioning again! We are so happy to have you in this year’s cast!

The 2014 show in in exactly ONE WEEK! Tickets are available online at or via the box office at 773-935-6875

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