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by Tracey on April 18, 2014

Our show would NOT be possible without the support of our local sponsors! We are especially excited when companies come back to LTYM for a second year; ChicagonistaLive! is one such repeat supporter.

ChicagonistaLive! is a locally owned and run website/webcast. Run by the amazingly talented MJ Tam and Beth Rosen, and co-hosted by Nancy Loo and Duong Sheahan, ChicagonistaLive encapsulates what both the Internet and Chicago are all about: innovation, entrepreneurialism, and community building.


ChicagonistaLive, the webcast, is always a surprise of topics! It is unique in that the focus is not finite, but rather, all-reaching across the many branches of media. ChicagonistaLive isn’t a traditional broadcast that has adapted to incorporate the new trends of social media; ChicagonistaLive was BORN FROM the newest trends. It is that perfect blend of traditional and social media that leaves the viewer feeling as though they are a part of the broadcast instead of a passive listener. I have watched these ladies interview celebrities (both local and international) from every field of expertise with a comfortable finesse that causes me to think they’re actually talking TO ME and not the camera. In fact, the producers are so keenly in touch with the world of social media that their shows have upwards of 4 million Twitter impressions in the hour of the show with a national audience that is highly engaged.

Though the focus is mainly Chicago-centric, at any given time, the ladies of ChicagonistaLive can be found all around the world, reporting from remote corners or atop famous architecture. In fact, there weren’t any webcasts in the month of April as two of the hostesses were spread across the globe; Beth Rosen in Europe with her son and MJ Tam in Asia on a fantastic media coverage of a national hotel chain.

mj 1

MJ went all over the continent! I was fascinated by her updates and photos and found myself considering new locations as “dream vacation” destinations. If you’re looking for information about a possible tour of Asia, I encourage you to follow her journey for recommendations.

Thankfully, ChicagonistaLive is making up for lost time by hosting 2 shows in May! You will find them broadcasting live at  2 pm on May 20th. (Additional webcasts will be announced on their site soon.) I can’t wait to see where they will broadcast from. Previous episodes have been broadcast from as high as the iconic John Hancock Building and Willis Tower all the way down to the tables of the infamous Harry Caray’s on Navy Pier and many more; you never know where they will turn up next!

With all that happens in Chicago in the Springtime, I am anxious to see what these powerful women will cover next.

If ever you miss their live broadcast, you can find the episodes on the ChicagonistaLive YouTube channel and website. On Chicagonista.com, all of the finest art, entertainment, restaurants, shops and services to be found in Chicago and the surrounding area are showcased for your ease. If you are a resident of Chicago, you will appreciate the extent of their reach as no corner of the city is left unresearched or unexplored. Visitors to Chicago; this is the real deal. 

Are you interested in any specific information about Chicago? Want to know about the best places to eat or new and exciting events that will available this summer? Check out ChicagonistaLive and subscribe to their email list, and follow them on Twitter or Facebook.


Truly, no words are great enough to express our gratitude to ALL of our local sponsors! We try, but it’s never enough. Please show your support for the sponsors by browsing their sites, sharing their information, and supporting their stores!

Tracey April 18, 2014 at 6:53 am

Thank you for your support, Chicagonistalive!

Melisa April 18, 2014 at 6:54 am

Thanks MJ!!! We love us some Chicagonista Live!

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