Gratitude is the Word of the Day

by Tracey on March 19, 2014

I love seeing the cast of an LTYM show meet for the first time. The cautious smiles blooming into genuine concern in just 2 hours of a meet-n-greet and read-through. It’s astonishing how quickly 15 women can grow from strangers into connected and caring friends. Share a few bits of your heart and miracles can happen. It’s probably a good lesson to remember in our everyday lives: Be a little more open with your heart, and people may surprise you.

Who would have thought that on Thursday of last week, just 3 days before the 1st rehearsal, we would have been scrambling to locate a venue to host our group? Sadly, the location that had hosted our auditions and rehearsals since 2012 suddenly filed for Chapter 7, leaving us without a space to meet. Even more tragic are the countless individuals who no longer have employment, benefits or severance packages. In comparison, our inconvenience of having nowhere to meet was just that: an inconvenience. Our hearts go out to everyone, especially the workers who have been so kind and accommodating to us for 3 years.

Still, we needed to meet somewhere! We were surprised at how quickly several people stepped forward to offer spaces to the Chicago show; we are incredibly grateful to everyone’s assistance. What could have been a very difficult situation turned out to renew our faith that good people are abundant. The Tiamat House Bed & Breakfast on Belmont opened their doors to us without a second thought. Words cannot express our gratitude for their hospitality and lovely space! Thank you so much!


We are also eternally grateful to our team of photographers, Brandi Lee and Elizabeth Rago of Balee Images. They were professional and quiet when behind the scenes but absolutely became part of the group when posed photos were taking place. We all felt comfortable because of their dedication to the show. Without Brandi and Elizabeth, these moments in time would be lost!


Saya and Kim listen as Kristen reads her beautiful piece…


Melisa and Paulette hold back the tears during Sarah’s moments on the floor.


Meggan, Hyacynth and Keely with little mascot Jasper.


Sarah and Julie listening to Paulette; I can guarantee you she was lightening the mood with her quick wit!


These two win the prizes for the most emotional expressions throughout the reading. Whether through laughter or tears, Kari and Crystal wore their emotions on their faces! 


Andrea with Lea and Melisa laughing alongside as she introduces herself. She is due to deliver baby #3 any day now, but kindly refrained from letting her water break during rehearsal, dinner, OR in Melisa’s car! WTG, Andrea! 


I swear to you, we do not choose a cast that is this attractive on purpose! Aren’t they lovely? Their pieces are stunning, too! I think Chicago just naturally draws beautiful people, both inside and out. It has been our immense pleasure to become friends on this Listen To Your Mother journey in 2014 with each and every one of the women you see above. Their stories move our hearts through belly laughs and heart-breaking tears; we are beyond honored that they chose our show as a platform for their words. Ladies: we are truly blessed. Thank you so much!


You can find more information about our generous venue, Tiamat House B&B on their Facebook page! The location is conveniently located only minutes from the Blue Line, making it a snap to travel downtown without a car. Different suites for different costs including hardwood floors, jacuzzi tubs, rooftop gardens and more. Thank you, Tiamat House!

For information on our fantastic photographers, be sure to visit Balee Images! Her photographs online are absolutely stunning! If you have a special event that you would like remembered with a uniquely artistic take, we highly recommend Brandi Lee. She has gone above and beyond our expectations in providing not only stunning images but also over-the-top customer service. Thank you, Balee Images!

All images are courtesy of Balee Images .

alexandra March 20, 2014 at 7:35 am

I have so many ideas, every year, from the Chicago team. Prizes at the first rehearsal!! Who would have guessed!!!

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