It’s Time to Be Bold

by Tracey on January 1, 2014


Everyday stories with a spin.

When asked what we “want” for submissions this year, Melisa and I continually return to this message.

Find the beauty in the ordinary and the humor in the heartache. See the story of your own life as something original but universal.

This is what we want. This is the theme for the 2014 show.

It’s fitting as Listen To Your Mother is a truly unique experience.

What do we want? We want your honesty, your heart, your humor, your love. We want your courage as you step outside of your comfort zone and do something Unique.


Write your story! Submit and audition! Let 2014 be the year that you fill with all of the adventures and risks that have fallen by the wayside as Adult Life got in the way.

We promise you this: it will be worth it.

Today is New Year’s Day; Time for resolutions and promises to ourselves to be Better and Bolder and Braver. It’s time to write your story and get ready to submit in a few weeks for the 2014 Chicago LTYM show. It’s time to watch a few videos and realize that you CAN do this TOO! This show is unique especially because it is not about being a professional writer or storyteller (though we have had plenty of professionals in our shows!). LTYM is for everyone who has ever been a mother, had a mother, or loved a mother.

Listen To Your Mother is more than just a show: it’s a life-changing experience. Kind of like Motherhood itself.





We will be accepting submissions for the 2014 show in a few weeks. Each piece should be your own work, focused on an aspect of motherhood, and have a length of about 5 minutes when read aloud. FAQ can be found on the FAQ page or asked in the comments of this post. 


Lea Grover January 6, 2014 at 5:57 pm

Since Chicago is buried until a billion pounds of snow and the schools are closed down, of course this seems the appropriate time to ask.

Any details on submissions just yet?

Many thanks, and stay warm!


Melisa January 7, 2014 at 7:27 pm

Hi Lea!
Apologies: I didn’t get an email alert about your comment!

We will be accepting submissions starting next Monday 1/13 and all of the details on that will be in a post that goes up first thing in the morning! Thanks for asking, and OMG STAY WARM!! 🙂

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