Finally, Our 2013 Post Of Gratitude.

by admin on May 29, 2013

If the theme of 2012 LTYM Chicago was “Can we really do this?” then the theme of 2013 LTYM Chicago was “We got this.”


We went into this year’s show knowing that we could handle it because, after all, we’d already done it before! That confidence allowed us the ability to truly appreciate even the smallest moments along the way.

Naturally, the support of all of our amazing family, friends and cast members was instrumental in bringing this show to the stage, but none of this would have been possible without the financial support of our generous sponsors.

Our national media sponsor for the second year in a row was BlogHer. BlogHer serves as the premier destination for women online. Connect with other bloggers at or at a BlogHer conference. This year’s conference is, coincidentally, in Chicago from July 25-27!

One2One Network was a supporting national media sponsor, which is a community for influential and socially connected women to network with one another and pursue their dreams and opportunities.

2013 Sponsor Table

Chicago’s Megaphone sponsor for 2013 was Dom Itp, a locally owned and family-run chain of European import stores. Dom Itp sells everything from hand-painted Christmas ornaments to on-trend, reasonably-priced women’s clothing, housewares and so much more! We cannot fully express what their support has meant to us this year.

Our two Microphone sponsors for 2013 were Artizone and Key Lime Cove. Artizone is an online, grocery delivery service that specializes in local, small, artisan-type vendors. Key Lime Cove is a waterpark resort in Gurnee, IL just minutes from the Gurnee outlets and Great America. Your support means the world to us!

We had several fabulous Podium sponsors in 2013. Building Blocks Toy Store (Second year sponsor!), Chalet Nursery, Rosen Motors (Second year sponsor!), Neighborhood Parents Network (Second year sponsor!), and Windy City Rollers. Again, without your support, this show would not have been possible.

Our Curtain sponsors for 2013 included Chicago Elevated, Bella Luna Cafe, Calumet Photographic at Goose Island, Kernel Sweetooth, and Diag Bar & Grill. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A special thank you to Ann Imig for her continuing vision and support. Obviously, none of this would be possible without you (or your Mother!). Thanks also to Deb Rox and Stephanie Precourt for their national behind the scenes work.

Our photographer was Sabrina Persico who beautifully captured the essence of our entire journey this year. (All photos in this post were taken by Sabrina!) We are thrilled to have so many tangible reminders of our road to the stage. Another thank you to Howard Little of Video Twist Productions. You were so easy to work with and the video is stunning! We can’t wait till the YouTube videos go live!!!

We so appreciate Jeff, Allan, and Jerry–management at the beautiful Athenaeum Theatre–for making any and all details having to do with our venue simply a breeze. They are AWESOME.

Thank you also to Rita Pacenta and Judy Gagliardotto for all of your help with posters and the sponsor table!

Huge, hugging thank yous to our cast: Lisa Noel, Sarah Zematis, RoiAnn Phillips, Shannon Duffy, Shannan Younger, Nadine Warner, Sheila Quirke, Robin Frisch, Elizabeth Rago, Jocelyn Geboy, Liz Joynt Sandberg, Marianne Walsh, Tracy Jensen, Samantha Schultz, and Erin Skibinski. Without your stories, this would have been a very short show. *giggle*

LTYM Chicago 2013 cast

We are pleased to announce that between the 10%+ donations from ticket proceeds and the individual audience donations collected on the day of the show, LTYM Chicago contributed nearly $1000 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository! We are SO proud! Please check the GCFD site for other ways to continue to help feed hungry families.


If you would like to be included in the email announcements for next year’s LTYM Chicago show, please email Tracey and Melisa at with the subject line “email list.” We are already planning for next year!!

One more thank you: to YOU. Whether you were a part of our audience or if you shared our news or encouraged a friend to submit an essay or even auditioned yourself, or if you’re just a loyal reader of this blog, we are so happy you became involved with LTYM Chicago. THANK YOU.

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