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by admin on April 24, 2013

We’re shining the spotlight on Robin Frisch today! Robin is one of those people whose quiet demeanor belies her true inner strength. We are pleased to bring her words to the stage this May 5th…

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What led you to writing for Listen To Your Mother Chicago?

I found that I had a story to tell. I became inspired by the idea of Listen To Your Mother, sat down at the computer, and words just started tumbling out.

How do you feel about the show in general?

I am excited beyond words.  Being a part of the LTYM cast has already made such a difference in my life.  I became a blogger! And I found that not only do I enjoy blogging, I have a compelling need to blog! How did I ever wait so long? I also love the idea of a group of women each telling their own very different and compelling stories under one roof.  Even though it is somewhat terrifying to imagine standing up and reading my story out loud, I think it will be freeing. And of course, The Greater Chicago Food Depository is benefiting from this show. All in all, very good stuff!

How long have you been writing?

Though I am new to blogging, writing has been important to me ever since I could put pencil to paper.  And I emphasize pencil to paper because when I started writing there were no such thing as personal computers, agh!! Made worse by the fact that I had and continue to have absolutely terrible handwriting! I did pretty well on my electric typewriter that I got in college, though I always made a complete mess when I had to use carbon paper. But I digress. I started writing poetry during my years of teenage angst and this has also remained a love of mine.

What do you typically write about?

The first thoughts that come to mind are the myriad of feelings that go along with every day life. I am fascinated by the range of emotions each day brings. It is exhilarating to turn a simple moment in time into a real, liveblog post!

Where do you write?

My blog is called Early Morning Musings .

Have you ever performed on stage before?

I had a lot of fun being in high school plays and have also enjoyed performing in community theater.

In some ways being part of the LTYM cast makes me feel like I am re-inventing myself. Yet this experience is actually helping me reconnect with things I used to love to do but never made enough time for such as writing for pure pleasure, performing, and taking photographs.

Where do you come from?

I have always lived in the Chicago area. I was born in Albany Park.  From there we moved to Roger’s Park and after that we did the “time to move to the suburbs” thing. I loved living Chicago and still miss taking the bus to the California Avenue public library. I remember boarding the bus to come back home with my arms filled with books. This is one of my favorite childhood memories about living in Chicago. I was fairly young, about ten years old, when I started riding the bus to go to the library. I loved the feeling of independence it gave meand still remember feeling incredibly empowered!


Yorkville, Illinois – it does not have the excitement of living in Chicago but we do have graceful deer that roam our backyard, clear skies that show off the stars at night, and a Dairy Queen that just opened up two minutes from my house, so all is right with my world!

 Favorite places to frequent with family in the Chicagoland area?

When my children were young we used to love to go to ExpressWays Children’s Museum which was in the Lincoln Park area.  It has long since evolved into Chicago Children’s Museum but we loved it best when it was small and cozy. Now we go to concerts and festivals and art fairs and plays and museums and fabulous restaurants in Chicago. We love playing “Chicago Tourists”!

What trait is your “signature” trait with family and friends?

Hmmm . . . I talk a lot and love anything colorful!

 If you were stranded on Lake Shore Drive in the worst traffic jam in history, what 3 items would you want to have with you and why?

My iPad – I am addicted, my iPhone –  see former reason, and Snackwell Vanilla Creme Sandwich cookies – see former reason. Can I also add a Port-A-Potty? I do not do well at all goingfor long periods without an available bathroom!

Chocolate or Licorice?

While I love, love, love chocolate I am mandated to stay away from caffeine.  However, it is interesting you ask about licorice.  I pretty much live on strawberry Twizzlers, but never, ever the pull apart kind! And BTW, if you are talking white chocolate, I’m in!

Coffee or Tea?

Just bottled water, boring but true!

Any famous words you live by? Or do you live by your own words? If so, what are they?

Everyone that knows me hears me say “One Day at a Time” quite often, usually accompanied by a mournful sigh.  My life, like most, gets quite stressful and I have a tendency to become quickly overwhelmed. That is when I repeat that phrase both in my head and sometimes over and over out loud. And yes, random bystanders do hear me muttering to myself and it is somewhat embarrassing but I don’t care.  It is the mantra that I live by except when I modify it to “One Hour at a Time” and in times of extreme stress, “One Minute at a Time.”


We know that the lyrical quality of Robin’s essay all of her castmates will move your hearts this May 5th at the Athenaeum. Tickets are available online or in person. For more information, please see our About Show Page.

Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy April 24, 2013 at 10:01 am

well if you’re going to do licorice, you’re doing the RIGHT kind. I’ll have some chocolate today…for you! It’s a sacrifice but we ARE a team so I’m willing to do it 😉

Robin Frisch April 24, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Lisa, I greatly appreciate the sacrifice! I knew I made amazing friends on this cast that would do anything for each other! 🙂

Marianne April 24, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Wonderful answers & I couldn’t be more thrilled that you started a blog!

Robin Frisch April 24, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Thanks Marianne! LTYM really has been a life changing event! Unbelievable!

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