LTYM Chicago Local Sponsor Artizone Chicago Makes The List!

by admin on March 28, 2013

Well, a list.

Err, multiple lists in some cases.

And it’s you or me that actually makes them, and not Artizone.

Let me explain.

Our fantastic local sponsor Artizone Chicago makes it easy for those who live in DuPage, Lake, and Cook Counties to have specialty food items delivered right to their front door. These items range from sweets to spices to meats to cheese and dairy to breads to…well, you get the idea.

artizone logo

Something that’s really cool about the website is the ability to make lists. The lists can be for any purpose. You can make grocery lists, lists of your favorite products, any kind of lists. You can keep them private (as I suppose you’d do with a grocery list), or you can share them with the public. You can also browse the public lists (by date, popularity, and author) and grab someone else’s list to put in your own sidebar for easy access later. Once you check out a list, you can easily add items to your cart, and you can even share the lists on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Tracey and I recently spent some time scrolling through the vast amount of yummyness that Artizone offers, and we made some great Mother’s Day lists in various themes. Check them out, and maybe order some of our selected items for your mom, sister, or other special lady! (In fact, we envision these products looking all adorable in a gift basket, with tickets to our show right in front and under that clear pink cellophane and matching pink bow! I mean, RIGHT? SO CUTE.)

Our LTYM Artizone lists:
Baklava & Coffee
Bread & Oil
Caramels & Chocolate
Gluten Free Treats
Tea & Scones
Wine & Cheese, Please!

Let us know what you think! Did we choose well?

Also, now that I think about it Artizone Chicago HAS made a list: the list of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO’S valued sponsors for 2013. Thanks, Artizone!

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