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by admin on April 30, 2012

We are happy to introduce you to Hyacynth; part of our only duet with Melissa Haak. Hyacynth is an inspiring and genuine person and another incredible contribution to this year’s Listen To Your Mother show.


Tell us about your family. How many kids? Spouse or partner? Single?

I’m married to a very patient man, John, and we have two fabulously adorable and active little boys, G, who is 4.5 and E, who is 2.5.

Tell us about living in your Chicagoland neighborhood. Where do you live and what do you love about it? What aspects of it are fabulous for families? What would you like to improve?

We live in a small town in the northern suburbs, and we love this area for so many reasons! It has fabulous dirt, for one, and the whole family loves to garden. When we’re not digging in the soil, we enjoy walking the streets of our downtown area, especially during Farmer’s Market days; we almost always make a trip to the coffee shop for tea, coffee and little treats for the boys. We only wish our house were a little closer to downtown so we could walk there more easily.

What is the one thing that really surprised you about being a parent?

I can’t believe how much parenting has morphed me into a {mostly} mature adult. I’ve grown up with my little ones in so many ways — emotionally, spiritually and otherwise — and I expect that will continue as we all walk together through out the years.

What is the biggest reward you’ve found thus far?

I love how parenting my boys gives me glimpses into who my Heavenly Father is and how he feels about me. Parenting is such a reflection for how God views His children, and I feel incredibly blessed to know love from this vantage point.

What wisdom would you pass onto a woman who is entering motherhood for the first time?

Sometimes we moms forget that we have the best parenting tool beating right inside our chests — the intuition of a mother’s heart. Through daily prayer and Bible reading, I’ve come to a place in parenting where I’m comfortable listening to my mother’s intuition and allowing God’s whispers to guide me when I’m not confident {now to let that small voice guide when I think I am confident!}. God parents us all uniquely because He made us individuals, and I feel strongly about parenting each of my little ones with this kind of perspective instead of relying on a blanket theory of parenting or a specific method. Because we’re all individuals, it’s hard to claim one style of parenting and stick hard and fast to it. We must be gentle with ourselves and our little people and allow ourselves to parent our unique kids in our unique ways.

What did you swear you’d never do that you now find yourself doing all the time? Why did it bother you before having kids? Why do you do it NOW? And have you apologized to your OWN mother for the grief you gave her that pushed her to doing the exact same thing?

I swore I would never do most of what I’m doing as a parent! I used to think that kids needed to be as independent as possible as soon as possible — even as babies. Through listening to the small whispers of God and listening to the love He placed inside my mother heart, I’ve learned that time well spent along fosters secure attachment and relationships — it’s a wonderful way to grow relationships, small people and my own heart.

You wrote a beautiful and touching piece for LTYM. (Thank you!) What else and where else do you write? Why? How has writing about motherhood/parenthood affected your relationship with your children?

Thank you for that compliment! I write almost daily about motherhood, my heart, faith, healthy living and creativity at Undercover Mother . I’m also the co-founder of Bigger Picture Blogs, a community of women who seek to live intentionally and foster creativity through writing and art. Writing about motherhood has been such a gift; it allows me to slow down and find the bigger picture moments amid the everyday craziness of raising two little boys. It helps me to breathe in the moments and intentionally seek out uninterrupted time with my boys. Writing about our experiences has birthed epiphanies and has etched pieces of our growth as family into black on white. Writing truly helps me to engage with my family on a deeper level and see our hardships and joys through an introspective lens.


Hyacynth, thank you! Part of what we love the most about Listen To Your Mother is the variety of viewpoints and experiences that it has brought together with the same intentions: celebrating motherhood!

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