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by admin on April 17, 2012

Let us now introduce the talented Stephanie Kush. Stephanie’s audition left us filled with raw emotions. If you are attending the LTYM show on May 6, you’ll understand why.

Tell us about your family. How many kids? Spouse or partner? Single?

Dave and I will be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary this year.  We have known each other for 14 years though, maybe longer.  I’m horrible with dates.  We have two boys, Cody is 12 and Chris is 7.  We are a homeschooling family and have been doing that for a little over a year.  At first I seriously thought that my patience would be tested on a daily basis by having the boys around all the time, but what I have been given the opportunity to do is to get to know both of my boys for who they really are.

Tell us about living in your Chicagoland neighborhood. Where do you live and what do you love about it? What aspects of it are fabulous for families? What would you like to improve?

We live in Tinley Park, it’s a South burb.  We have been pretty nomadic, actually.  We started off in Matteson, which I believe qualifies us for living in Southern Illinois because we were south of I80.  From there we moved to Midlothian (my home town), twice.  Then we made our way out to Tinley Park.  I love where we live because we are in the downtown area of Tinley Park (the old part of town).  The houses are unique and I like the little stretch of shops that is within walking distance.  We are within walking distance of the Rock Island Metra line, our library is fricking amazing,  and we are a short drive away from I80 and I57, as well as shopping.  I would like to have a more diverse downtown area and a better high school district.

What is the one thing that really surprised you about being a parent?
How much I would change.  Going from Stephanie to Mom and what is that anyways?  I thought that I had to fit this mom-like mold and not be myself.  I’m working my way back to Stephanie, I can be both and feel comfortable with that.

What is the biggest reward you’ve found thus far?

How I’ve become a much stronger person from being a Mom.  It’s so much more than just me, I became very aware of that early on with my first pregnancy.

What wisdom would you pass onto a woman who is entering motherhood for the first time?

Don’t be so hard on yourself, and you don’t have to sterilize everything.  Oh, and you probably don’t need half of the stuff you are going to register for come baby shower time, just a heads up on that one.

What did you swear you’d never do that you now find yourself doing all the time? Why did it bother you before having kids? Why do you do it NOW? And have you apologized to your OWN mother for the grief you gave her that pushed her to doing the exact same thing?

Yelling at my kids in public.  This doesn’t happen as much now, because they are 12 & 7, but when they were younger I had absolutely no issue with reprimanding them in public.  Whenever I saw parents doing that prior to having kids of my own, I’d cringe and think how horrible it was.  I have no qualms about it now.  My mom never did that to me, at least that I can remember.  I also have not apologized for the grief I gave her growing up.  Her voodoo like prediction of me having a girl to put me through the crap I put her through has not come to be, yet.  Once that happens, if it happens, then MAYBE I’ll think about apologizing…maybe.

So you wrote a beautiful and touching piece for LTYM. (Thank you!) What else and where else do you write? Why? How has writing about motherhood/parenthood affected your relationship with your children?

It was a pretty cathartic experience to write what I’ll be sharing on May 6th, so THANK YOU!  I write about our homeschooling journey at Educational Anarchy mainly so that my family can see what we are up to.  They are spread out all over the world.  I also write over there in the hopes that someone who is thinking about homeschooling may stumble across my blog and see that it is possible.  For me, that was very helpful – to see other families doing it and realizing that I could do it to.  I also write at about Chicago-land homeschooling resources.


It’s so cool to learn more about you, Steph! We know that your piece is going to move many people and are excited to include it in the line up!

Stephanie K April 17, 2012 at 10:48 am

This picture SO MUCH BETTER than the “we hiked 4 hours and my feet hurt” one. Thanks for letting me change that out.

Melisa April 17, 2012 at 11:16 am

haha, you clean up nice! 😉

Brandie April 18, 2012 at 12:37 pm

I swore I’d never yell at my kids either. ROFL! That didn’t last too long 😉

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