We’re Nine Days Out From Auditions…

by admin on February 17, 2012

Tracey and I are getting really excited because auditions are one week from this Sunday. We can’t wait to hear all of the stories and figure out which ones will make up the show. Many, many thanks to Uncommon Ground on Clark for letting us use part of their space for auditions!

Our audition schedule is jam-packed (it filled up within 24 hours!) and we have a back-up waiting list.

If you DO have a spot in our audition schedule:
1. We hope you have found a great piece you want to share (written by you, of course) about something having to do with motherhood. If motherhood is not the main focus of what you plan to share with us, we will not be able to use it in the show. For more on what we’re looking for, check out this article written by Amy Wilson, a Director for the LTYM show in New York City.

2. LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is meant to be a PG-13 show. Some of the aspects of motherhood covered in past shows have been very serious; the show is not intended to be appropriate for small children. That said, we cannot go to the other extreme and allow pieces that are heavy with curse words to be read either. If you have a piece that would be R-rated for language, we will ask you to edit it.

3. Please make sure that your piece is NO LONGER THAN five minutes. Three to five minutes is the perfect length for the show!

4. Cast commitment includes two read-throughs (Mar/April) TBA and a pre-performance walk-through on Sunday, May 6. If you live outside of the Chicago area especially, it is important for us to know that you intend to be present at these important pre-show preparation sessions.

5. If you change your mind for any reason about auditioning (we hope not!), please give us as much notice as humanly possible so that we can give the person in the number one spot on our waiting list the heads-up that they can audition. With so much excitement surrounding the grabbing up of audition spots, we’d hate to see one go to waste.

6. RELAX. We don’t bite. Promise. We are HONORED to hear your story and plan to do our part to make your audition as painless as possible. That said, we know that most people who audition for things get extremely nervous. If that’s you, please read this article, which was written by Stacey Conner, Director/Co-Producer of the LTYM show in Spokane!

If you currently have a spot on our waiting list:
1. We don’t anticipate any last-minute cancellations, but should that happen and you’re not ready, there will be much sadness on both sides. Please make sure that you have a piece picked out and that you are ready to audition, just in case! We have moved a couple of people from the waiting list to auditions this week, so anything can happen!

2. We will keep you posted on whether we will open up another block of auditions. This will not be decided until after our scheduled auditions.

If you don’t currently have a spot on our waiting list but want one:
You can still email Tracey at mctrickyb (at) sbcglobal (dot) net to get on the waiting list, but as mentioned above we do not know whether we will work our way through that list.

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