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2015 Submissions Are Closed…On To Auditions!

by Melisa on January 23, 2015

Thank you, Chicago!

Once again you have flooded us with your wonderfully funny, sad, thoughtful, sweet, heartbreaking, adorable, emotional, tender, and clever stories of motherhood!

The next step is auditions! We’ll be emailing everyone who submitted a story at some point this evening. If you don’t receive an email by tomorrow morning, please contact us at LTYMChicago (at) gmail (dot) com so we can figure out what the heck happened.

We are so excited about this year’s show, on Sunday May 3 at 2:00 p.m., at the gorgeous Athenaeum Theatre Chicago (tickets on sale soon!), and we hope you are too.

Stay tuned for more LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO news!

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Photo credit: Balee Images

Photo credit: Balee Images

Today’s the day!

*insert awkward dancing and “raising the roof” here*

Tracey and I are ready to start digging into your motherhood stories, Chicago! We’re ready to experience ALL the emotions while we read your submissions and then we’ll be ready to move on to auditions and then we’ll be ready to cast our FOURTH ANNUAL show, which will be held once again at the beautiful Athenaeum Theatre on Sunday May 3 at 2:00 p.m. And then later this year we’ll be ready to watch all of the readings from our show on the LTYM YouTube channel!

Wait; I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first: submissions!

Please read these instructions thoroughly before submitting your essay to us:

1. The main theme of your piece must have something to do with “motherhood.” You do not have to be a mother (or a professional writer!) to submit an essay. Read this post we wrote last year about the non-mom perspective.

2. Each essay must fall within three (MINIMUM) to five-ish minutes (MAXIMUM, and shorter is preferred!) when read aloud. This is approximately 2-3 pages, but will vary widely depending on content and speaking style. PLEASE READ IT ALOUD AND TIME YOURSELF, and then edit appropriately to achieve the desired time before submitting if necessary. (Also, please note that all essays are subject to light editing, for time or other reasons if eventually selected for our show.) Do not memorize your essay. This is a show of readings. We WANT you to read it!

3. Keep in mind that we advertise our show as PG-13 due to some mature topics. Anything with strong language may be edited for a wide audience: we want to put together a show that you can watch with your mom and grandma! And sisters! And husbands! And teens!

4. You must be the sole author and owner of all rights to your piece. (Yes, it’s okay if your essay has been published before, online or otherwise, as long as it still belongs to you.)

5. If you have submitted an essay previously that we have asked you to read for us at auditions, it’s totally fine to submit the same one if you’d like to.

6. ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON. We are firm on this. If you can’t decide between two, please don’t send both; ask someone close to you to help decide on ONE before emailing us.

7. You must be available for the following dates/times:

Auditions: Feb 7th or 8th (various audition time slots available)
Rehearsal: March 14th, 12-4 pm
Rehearsal: April 19th, 12-4 pm
Show Date: May 3rd, 11-7 (approximately)

8. When submitting, include the title and your name in the subject line and email to:

We will accept submissions from today, January 9 through Thursday, January 22. Any submissions received after 11:59 p.m. on the 22nd can not be considered for the 2015 show.

We will email everyone who submits with a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours. Emails informing everyone of choices for auditions will go out on January 23rd.

Let’s go, Chicago. Show us what you’ve got!

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