Chicago’s 5th Show in 2016!

by Tracey on November 16, 2015

In the fall of 2011, Melisa and I were absolutely thrilled to be chosen to host a cool new show that had touched our hearts. Little did we know then that this new venture would become a life-changing ADventure for not only the two of us, but for 51 other Chicago area writers who would stand up on stage and share their stories with the world.



Photo credit Rob Krueger

And while our world was changing through Listen To Your Mother, LTYM was changing, too. And growing!



Photo credit Balee Images

Who would have thought that a single show in Madison, Wisconsin would grow to what will be in 2016, 41 cities across the United States, with the first show ever in Canada?!?


LTYM Chicago 2014

Photo Credit Balee Images

We never imagined the impact that hearing the live readings of these AMAZING people would have upon us…


Photo credit: Elizabeth Rago

Photo credit: Elizabeth Rago

We encourage you to attend the Chicago show in 2016! Our FIFTH ANNUAL SHOW will be something special to see; we are thrilled to return to the stage of the historic Athenaeum Theatre. As usual, the Chicago show is at 2 pm, the Sunday BEFORE Mother’s Day (May 1st), so mark your calendars now and stay tuned for updates on submissions, auditions, and ticket sales! To be sure that you don’t miss a thing, you can follow LTYM national on Facebook and Twitter, or email us at with the words “Please put me on your email list.” Updates will be sent out regularly!


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2015 Video Release!

by Tracey on July 10, 2015

After countless hours of editing and proofing and other fancy video editing verbs that I know very little about, the LTYM 2015 videos are officially released!! With hundreds to choose from, there are a few ways to go about diving into the newest releases.

1. Just start at the first video that pops up on the National LTYMshow YouTube Channel.

2. You can search for topics or themes (humor, birth stories, etc.) within the YouTube channel.

3. Or (and this is my personal suggestion), you can start with individual cities, like, say… CHICAGO!

Please take the time to browse through, leave your supportive comments, and share these videos with your friends. The Story of Motherhood is vast and diverse, and one that we can all relate to.

If you are searching for one particular Chicago 2015 video, here is the cast line up in order of their show day performances.

Patti Minglin

Lyletta Robinson

Pamela Valentine

Melisa Wells

Angie Bahng

Keesha Beckford

David Slattery

Cindy Fey

Stephanie Kush

Tracey Becker

Kathleen Buckley

Cyn Vargas

Erin Skibinski and Samantha Schultz

Enjoy and thank you so much to the National team who put countless hours of work into making this happen!


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LTYM Chicago’s 2015 Season: Faster Than The Speed of Light!

May 18, 2015

Wow. Where did that season go??? We’re finding that there’s definitely a trade-off to having four years’ worth of experience producing this show. The other side of knowing exactly what we’re doing (and who is doing what!) is the speed with which the season flies by. It’s almost summer, for goodness’ sakes…weren’t we just announcing our submission period last week??? No. We weren’t. It only seems like it. Our show, which took place on Sunday, May 3 at the Athenaeum Theatre, was phenomenal. YES WE SAY THAT EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It’s true. You’ll be able to see the individual readings from our show (as well as the shows from all the other cities!) later in the summer on YouTube. For now, those of us who were there are clinging to our sweet memories. And the pictures, like this one by our show day photographer, Elizabeth Rago: This one was also taken by Elizabeth, […]

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And Now, Our Fourth Annual Pre-Show Conversation Post!!

May 1, 2015

Tracey: 2 days before our fourth show!! Yaayyy!! Melisa: Where did the time go??? It seems like only yesterday that we were in the midst of auditions! T: Sunrise, Sunset… M: OMG. Stop. But they DO grow up so fast, don’t they? T: This year has been awesome in the way that I would assume having a fourth child is awesome: we know what to expect, but the surprises didn’t really throw us for any loops. We just rolled with it. M: So true. It felt weird but also nice to know that we FINALLY know what we’re doing. I mean, not that we didn’t before. (*waves to 2012, 2013, and 2014 casts*) T: Hi guys! M: Hey, lots of them will be in the audience on Sunday!!! T: I know! Once you start watching LTYM, it’s kind of hard to miss a year. It moves you. M: I know that *I* don’t […]

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Cast Spotlight On Keesha Beckford

April 30, 2015

Our final cast spotlight is the talented Keesha Beckford! Only 3 days left until you will hear all of our amazing cast on stage at the Athenaeum!! ~~~~ Just You Wait, New Mom! By Keesha Beckford Maybe you have one child. Maybe you have six. Whatever the case, you’re a mom with more kids than you can handle. So although you love babies, you hung an “OUT OF BUSINESS” sign on your uterus and closed up shop. To get your fill, you ogle infants in strollers to the point where families pray there’s a police officer nearby. When someone you know has their baby in tow, you beg to hold the child, even for just a few seconds. This baby lust, however, should never, ever be confused with actually wanting another child. No sirree, it should not! You DO NOT want any more of those tiny humans in your house; the ones you […]

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