Announcing Our Charity for 2015

by Tracey on December 15, 2014

Listen To Your Mother is committed to giving back; not only through the validation of the stories shared on stage, but also to local non-profit organizations. In fact, since the first Madison WI LTYM show in 2010, over $50,000 has been contributed to all charities combined, with $26,000 from the 2014 season alone! In the past year, LTYM grew by another 7 cities, bringing our current city count to 39. Can you imagine how far our combined efforts can go in 2015?? It’s humbling and awe-inspiring to be a part of something so grand…

In our 3 past years of doing the Chicago show, we have worked with 3 amazing non-profits: Bright Pink, Greater Chicago Food Depository, and Recovery On Water. All 3 were special to Melisa and me for a variety of reasons, both personal and professional. Our choice for the 2015 show’s donations is just as important to each of us.

We are thrilled to announce that the Chicago branch of  The Red Pump Project is our 2015 non-profit organization! 10% of our ticket proceeds in 2015 will benefit projects in the Chicago area.

Their mission statement is very clear:

“The Red Pump Project® is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. We empower, educate, and motivate action by boldly driving conversation online and offline around HIV prevention and issues related to sexual and reproductive health. We use the Red Pump as a symbol of empowerment to represent the strength and courage of women affected by HIV/AIDS.”



Personally, as a mother of a daughter, friend of people afflicted with HIV/AIDS, and proponent of empowering women in their sexuality and sexual health, this organization represents everything I stand for (as does Melisa). It’s exciting to think that our 2015 show will assist the Chicago area in their annual “Cupcakes and Condoms” event, to be held in August 2015. This is a women’s only, safe-space event where there are frank conversations with health professionals about women’s sexual health and the issues and effects associated with HIV/AIDS. In addition, while snacking on delicious cupcakes and treats, attendees will be involved in demonstrations and discussions about the female condom, birth control, and much more! It is unique, to say the least!

Want to get involved? Visit The Red Pump Project website to learn how you can help.

Want to get MORE involved? Then start writing, editing, and shuffling through your ideas and get your submissions READY, because the 2015 Chicago Listen To Your Mother show is closer than you think! We cannot do the show without the talent of the Chicago area’s brilliant and diverse population; this show is amazing because YOU are all amazing!

We will be accepting submissions in mid-January (exact date to be announced soon).

Want to make sure you don’t miss the window for submissions? Email us at with the subject line “Add Me To Your Email List!” and you will receive our newsletters when new information is released.

Mark your calendars for May 3rd at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago, IL. Whether you are on the stage or in the audience, the Chicago show never disappoints!

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Aaaaand We’re Back!

by Melisa on November 13, 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or one of them, anyway; it’s LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER season! Last week, Ann made the announcement that for 2015, we’ve got twenty-nine returning cities and ten new cities, which makes this the biggest season ever. *tossing confetti*

Click this picture to watch the moving 2015 season announcement video. You might need tissues, by the way. It’s really good.


Here in Chicago, Tracey and I are starting behind-the-scenes preparations for our fourth show.


How is that even possible??

More than forty women (and man!) have told their stories to a live audience as a part of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Chicago. Who’s next? You? Or you? Or her? Or him? Or them? We won’t know for a while but if you or someone you know might be interested in sharing your story about some aspect of motherhood, it’s time to get writing! We’ll have information about how you can audition for our show after the holidays.

In the meantime, follow LTYM on Twitter and Facebook, and keep an eye on this page too, while you’re at it!

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They’re here! They’re here!

July 9, 2014

Living in the era of the internet has opened up new doors for entertainment. Our show would have been a one-day opportunity to witness in the pre-internet days of the not-so-distant-past. Instead, thanks to YouTube and the internet, you are ALL able to sit back and enjoy the Chicago Listen To Your Mother show of 2014 from the comfort of your home, or office, or even in the airport lounge. We are SO excited to announce that the 2014 show is on YouTube! Click here to find the Chicago 2014 Playlist. Sit back and enjoy the carefully selected pieces of this year’s show, in the order they were on stage, or feel free to jump about and watch your favorites over and over again! Once you’ve finished with the Chicago line-up, grab a REALLY big drink and settle in for the long haul of enjoying the hundreds of new videos from the 31 other […]

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Thank You For A Wonderful 2014 Season!

May 14, 2014

Each year, we compare the process of producing LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO to that of raising a child, don’t we? Our first “baby” was so exciting and confusing and unexpected with all of the new experiences and trials. Our second “baby” was also exciting but for different reasons: we KNEW what to expect and couldn’t wait to experience those First Steps with another cast! Last year definitely felt like a second child; we were less fearful and still wondering how any other show could be as wonderful as our first show was. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we loved (adored) our second cast and show just as much as our first. This year, on our third “baby,” we were full of confidence that we could handle whatever this show had to throw at us. Minor issues and inconveniences will ALWAYS occur when a live-stage show is being produced. It […]

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Still Processing…

May 6, 2014

We are still processing* all of the feelings from our show on Sunday, which was completely awesome in every single way. We’ll have a proper recap soon, complete with lots of thank yous to everyone who made it possible, but for now please enjoy this incredible preview collage put together by Brandi at Balee Images. More soon! *And Brandi is still processing the rest of our photos. See what I did there? by

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