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Announcing #LTYM’s 2017 Grand Finale 33-City Line Up (and 4th Charleston show)!

October 6, 2016

JOIN US THIS SPRING IN 33 CITIES! Listen To Your Mother Charleston returns to for our 4th and final show in Spring of 2017! How can you be a part of this epic, North American celebration of our mothers/our caretakers, and ourselves ? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter (yup, just once per month–no spam here) for updates about auditions, ticket sales for our live shows, book news, and alumni news from hundreds and hundreds of amazing creative women and men who’ve graced our stages. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. As we anticipate 2017, enjoy 2000 videos from past seasons on our LTYMShow YouTube channel. Thank you for helping us give Motherhood a Microphone, telling even more of your stories. WE CAN’T WAIT!! by

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July 25, 2016

What could be better than seeing amazing people read their original words on stage? Watching those words read from your living room. And you can, because the 2016 LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: Charleston videos have been released! These videos feel a little like coming home. You know you’ll find something familiar, something comfortable, something that pulls at your heartstrings in the best possible way. And Charleston is just one of 41 cities across North America. There are over 500 stories to listen, learn from, grow with. There’s motherhood to embrace in these stories–varied, hard, blissful, beautiful, and brutal. The whole Charleston show can be seen right here. Or here is the breakdown by reader. Heather Ron Tara Marie Zach Cindi Treal Meredith Ronda Tim Cinelle Mary Catherine Chelsie I promise that Charleston is a good place to start your Listen To Your Mother journey, but keep watching. There are stories of love and […]

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Thank You Charleston!

May 16, 2016

Listen to Your Mother makes the most amazing kind of magic. It grows when like-minded people share the same space and breathe the same air. It grows when an audience says “Yes. I feel that way too,” or “I understand you,” or “I thought I was the only one.” That’s special magic, and we grew it in Sottile on May 1. The magic grew and unfolded. It took control and while you couldn’t see it, you sure could feel the energy and power and strength. All those wonderful feelings were there, alive and amazing. The cast of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: Charleston took the stage at Sottile, and the audience heard the most breath-catching stories. There were words of heartbreak and love. Stories that were funny, and stories that made us all feel like we’d found our people. I’ve been floating one something of a dream since the show, a little tender as I […]

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Cast Round Up

April 23, 2016

I am so proud of the cast of Listen To Your Mother Charleston. They have come together, tied close by their courage and need to share their stories. And they’ve combined, merged, and formed this amazing whole that you’ll see on the Sottile stage on May 1. Without these 13, this show would not be possible. They’ve made this year diverse, beautiful, and simply perfect. Cinelle Barnes, Tara Broman, Cindi Carver-Futch, Chelsie Erickson, Tim Falvey, Meredith Hemenway-Betzhold, Mary Catherine James, Heather Thomas Morton, Ronda S. Perry, Lorenzo Pringle, Treal Ravenel, Marie Baldridge Slone, Zach Ubaldini You don’t want to miss this year’s LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: Charleston. You can buy tickets by clicking here, and remember that 10% of our ticket proceeds are donated to WINGS for Kids.  by

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Welcome to Sottile Theatre

April 18, 2016

There are few theater spaces in Charleston that are more beautiful than Sottile Theatre. Now part of the College of Charleston, Sottile started off as the Gloria Theatre was built by Albert Sottile in the 1920s. Originally, the space showed movies and vaudville-style shows to theater goers on King Street downtown. It was revered and admired as a premier movie house. When the movie Gone With the Wind debuted in South Carolina, the cast showed up at the the Gloria to celebrate the film. Sottile Theatre was donated to the College of Charleston in the 1970s, and restoration began in the 80s. But in true Charleston style, many of the historic details were maintained–including the blue sky dome over the audience and the ornamental ironwork, making Sottile a revered and beautiful space in the heart of Downtown Charleston.   We are excited to bring LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: Charleston to the Sottile Stage on May […]

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