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Cast Spotlight: Lydia G. Hiott

April 18, 2017

Lydia G. Hiott has a strength that few people ever come into. She’s survived great love and great loss, and her words are a beautiful reflection of both those greats. Lydia reminds me to enjoy the smallest moments, the details I might otherwise overlook because those are the seconds that matter the very most. She is a teacher, a writer, and role model. Come see her on April 29. What is your name? Lydia G. Hiott Where do you write, blog, are published? Guideposts Magazine, the local newspaper, and has written many stories that she shares with family, friends, and students. Tell us 3 fun fact about yourself. 1. I was almost arrested for stealing a tombstone 2. I have read the book To Kill a Mockingbird every year for the last fifteen years. 3. I am going to Finale Ligure, Italy for a writing vacation! Tell us your favorite author. Harper Lee What […]

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Cast Spotlight: Lindsey Williams Henderson

April 17, 2017

Lindsey Williams Henderson is the kind of woman you want in your corner. She’s a preschool director and is politically minded, compassionate, a wise soul, and funny without even knowing it. She brings a light-hearted, real-mom approach to the Listen To Your Mother Charleston stage with her totally relatable and utterly true words. What is your name? Lindsey Williams Henderson. Also known as Mama, Linds, Ms. Windsey, LDubs and Lindsey Re. Where do you write, blog, are published? In 4th grade I published two articles for The State Newspaper’s Mini Page. That’s about it. How did you find LTYM? A dear friend encouraged me to try out and the title of the show really resonated with me since I say that phrase to my children 24/7. What is the craziest thing you remember saying to your children? In the midst of severe sleep deprivation caused by a colicky newborn, I went to pee while my […]

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Cast Spotlight: Le’Erica Richards

April 14, 2017

Women like Le’Erica Richards are rare. She’s an Air Force veteran, writer, inspiration architect, and mother of three. She maintains a positive outlook on life, that I admire more than I can put into words. Her piece will change you and your core beliefs. What is your name? Le’Erica Richards (Ms Le’Erica) Where do you write, blog, are published? I’m completing a book about my life–the raw, unapologetic truth about me. It is due to release in June 2017. I also write on my Facebook Blog Page as well as on The Making of a Woman. How did you find LTYM? I have three friends who have been in the cast of LTYM: Charleston. I took a chance when I saw the auditions advertised. I was scared because it was out of my comfort zone; I actually almost cancelled the day of my audition. It’s been a challenging but amazing experience. What do you wish […]

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Cast Spotlight: Jessica Hardesty Norris

April 13, 2017

Jessica Hardesty Norris leads first with her logic. She brings a scientific perspective to the LTYM: Charleston stage. Her view on motherhood is both modern and strong, and her piece is a must-hear for anyone searching for diversity and equality in their approach to raising children. What is your name? Jessica Hardesty Norris Where do you write, blog, are published? I usually write articles and book chapters about ecological topics for scientific and semi-technical audiences, though of course I have a draft novel tucked away, too! How did you find LTYM? A friend got into a show in Washington State. What is the craziest thing you remember saying to your children? OR What is the craziest thing you remember your mother saying to you? I remember with perfect clarity the day in 2008 when I complimented a friend on her new haircut and she said “Well, thanks, but I think it looks a little like Dora’s.” And […]

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Cast Spotlight: Janet Sheppard Kelleher

April 12, 2017

Janet Sheppard Kelleher is quite simply the strongest woman I know. She’s a published author, mother of 3, adventurer, advocate, breast cancer survivor, and (maybe most importantly) a new grandmother. I’m honored to welcome her back to the LTYM stage. And be sure to see her read “Birthin’ Babies” in Charleston’s inaugural LTYM in 2014. What is your name? Janet Sheppard Kelleher  (Jan, The Baby Whisperer! . . . SINCE GRANDMOTHERHOOD​) Where do you write, blog, are published? Big C, little ta-ta: Kicking Breast Cancer’s Butt in 7 Humorous Stories My Facebook Page (this really has more up-to-date info than my website below) JanetSheppardKelleher.com How did you find LTYM? I believe I originally read about this audition in The State Newspaper. What is the craziest thing you remember saying to your children? I always say, “Do (such and such) for ‘Your Mommy loves you best.’ Or I sign notes/cards from ‘Your Mommy who loves you best.” . . […]

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