LTYM in Charleston: That’s a Wrap

by Anna Hartman on June 27, 2017

LTYM Charleston 2017

I have put off writing this. It’s been sitting there on my to-do list for too long, but I’ve been pushing it off and back again and again. But now, far too long after our April 29th show here in Charleston, I finally have to say goodbye.

If you look at that photo, you can see the love. And I mean room-filling love. Overflowing love and kindness and friendship. And I’ve been floating on that cloud of love since our show.

Our location at the Circular Church was perfect, intimate historic. And our cast was every inch of amazing. Each one had their own story to share and their own power to give, and they did. I was so proud to be there, to bear witness and to get to hold them all close and call them my friends.

So please excuse me that I didn’t want the moment to be over, that I didn’t mark the ending here until now. There won’t be another LTYM in Charleston, and I’ve been mourning that loss and celebrating our power with each breath since.

Thank you to the Circular Church, CAMP, Focus on Fabulous Magazine and Story Club Games who made our show possible. We are proud to support Charleston Area Justice Ministry with a portion of our proceeds. And thank you to our amazing cast and audience who we create for.

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