Thank you Circular Church

by Anna Hartman on April 24, 2017

The sign outside the Circular Church declares that the church is a “progressive and inclusive community since 1681.” This theme of love and inclusion makes this historic spot the perfect spot to hold our LTYM Grand Finale.


Like it’s name suggests, the church is truly rounded. The walls curve. The high ceiling arches. It’s lovely and unique. And the special shape means the room has amazing acoustics and great seating. Truly, there is not a bad seat. Join us at LTYM on Saturday, and you’ll immediately both see and hear the perfection in this architecture.


The church also boasts one of the oldest graveyards in our city that is brimming with graveyards. But this one feels welcoming, and the crumbling headstones are nothing short of Charleston perfection.


These church walls have seen a lot. The building of Charleston. The Revolutionary War. The Civil War. The Earthquake. Hurricanes. Celebrations. Tragedy. Loss. And Love. Centuries of love!

And on Saturday Listen To Your Mother: Charleston will add our own stories of motherhood, of elation, struggle, humor, and most of all love, to the Circular Church’s canon. We will leave our mark on this space with our own words. And it’s not something you will want to miss.


Won’t you join us for Charleston’s Listen To Your Mother Grand Finale at Circular Congregational Church. Shows are at 5 and 7:30 p.m. Click here to order to tickets before they’re all gone! 

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