Cast Spotlight: Lindsey Williams Henderson

by Anna Hartman on April 17, 2017

Lindsey Williams Henderson is the kind of woman you want in your corner. She’s a preschool director and is politically minded, compassionate, a wise soul, and funny without even knowing it. She brings a light-hearted, real-mom approach to the Listen To Your Mother Charleston stage with her totally relatable and utterly true words.


What is your name?
Lindsey Williams Henderson. Also known as Mama, Linds, Ms. Windsey, LDubs and Lindsey Re.

Where do you write, blog, are published?
In 4th grade I published two articles for The State Newspaper’s Mini Page. That’s about it.

How did you find LTYM?
A dear friend encouraged me to try out and the title of the show really resonated with me since I say that phrase to my children 24/7.

What is the craziest thing you remember saying to your children?
In the midst of severe sleep deprivation caused by a colicky newborn, I went to pee while my 2-year-old was in the bathtub and baby in vibrating chair thingy beside the potty. I only pulled down my pants, not underwear, sat down and peed and when I realized I was peeing in my underwear I yelled loudly at my 2-year-old “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!”

What do wish most for your children?
I hope that I can pass on all the good that my mama gave us. My mama loves a theme and she definitely passed that down to us. She is so great about constantly teaching us to see the good in things, to see the humor in situations and to make everyday moments really matter. “That blue heron we saw on the way to school? That was a God Wink – He’s reminding you He loves you.” Rainy day tea parties with feather boas, hats, cucumber sandwiches and real tea sets. Homemade Halloween costumes with ALL the make-up. Visiting the Empire State Building in NYC? Well everyone takes a stuffed King Kong doll with them for pics . . . right? Right?

Tell us about your hobbies/interests:
1. I’m really involved in gun violence prevention initiatives and trying to make a purposeful impact there.
2. I LOVE my job as a preschool director: I actually look forward to going to work everyday and I don’t take that for granted.
3. I also love playing around with photography but mostly that just means Instagramming iPhone pics of my children.

Come see Lindsey on April 29 to be reminded that there’s humor in every moment of mothering and that we sometimes just have to choose to laugh at ourselves. Click here for tickets to either the 5 or the 7:30 show!

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