Cast Spotlight: Jacklyn Flood

by Anna Hartman on April 11, 2017

Jacklyn Flood is a boy mom, writer, and a member of the Gotcha Group. She dreams of publishing her writing and living in Paris, and she brings a fresh perspective and direct approach to her essay for this year’s show. You don’t want to miss her approach to all the “things” that come along with motherhood.


What is your name?
Jacklyn Flood

Where do you write, blog, are published?
Exclusively in the notes section of my iPhone

When did you first start thinking about your parents as an individual people
and not just “mom and dad”? 

I still only think of them as “Mom & Dad” and I get grossed out when they try and remind me that they are actual people too. It’s annoying when their ‘individual’ wants and needs get in the way of what I want them to do, like move next door to me or babysit every weekend, so I try and block that out. But I have been lucky enough to have really amazing parents that I either see or talk to every single day and that continue to help guide me and now my kids through life. They’re the best and my Mom is single handedly the reason that we make it through every day in our household. She’s currently raising all of us.

What do you wish most for your children?
My main wish for my boys is to carry a sense of humor through life. I think that if there is one trait in life that will get you through anything, it’s the ability to laugh. I try to stop and take notice of the moments throughout the day when we’re all laughing together and focus on those when I worry about how I’m doing as a parent. It helps to stop in the moment and really take it in. I hope they remember laughing when they think about their childhood and don’t take things too seriously as they grow up. Being serious is exhausting. That’s probably my favorite thing about my husband Sean, he laughs as much as I do. But obviously it’s easier for him, because I’m funnier.

Favorite author and why?
My hands down favorite author is Wally Lamb. I just love him so much. I will drive to the nearest Barnes & Noble at 9am or pay extra for one-day prime shipping to get his books as soon as they come out. He makes me feel all my feelings and writes characters that I continue to think about long after I finish the story. I’ll sit down to eat and think, “If Aliza were here, she would order this meal.” And then I’ll realize she’s not a real person and it catches me off guard for a second. I was supposed to go see him when he read in Savannah a few years ago, but then my best friend got engaged and her now husband flew me out as part of the surprise, so I missed it. I like to remind her of that when I feel like she’s not appreciating me enough, that I missed meeting Wally Lamb for her. She still doesn’t care though.

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