Charleston Area Justice Ministry: Our 2017 Cause

by Anna Hartman on April 10, 2017

Each year, Listen To Your Mother: Charleston supports a local cause by donating 10% of our proceeds and all collected donations to a not-for-profit cause in the Lowcountry. This year, we’ve chosen to support the Charleston Area Justice Ministry.


CAJM has pulled together a growing number of Charleston-area faith-based ministries. With different faiths, race, demographics, and economic levels, the organization is working toward empowering families and individuals in our community that have been marginalized. By researching and conducting public education to address the root causes of poverty and injustice, CAJM hopes to give help, hope, support and justice to those who need it most. CAJM is leading causes to stand up for issues like ending homelessness or fighting for better childhood welfare or by advocating for fair wage practices.

We are so honored to be support with this amazing organization! This year’s Listen To Your Mother: Charleston will likely draw the biggest audience that a Charleston LTYM show has ever had means that we should be able to donate our charitable check yet! We are thrilled to be able to support such an amazing cause.


If you want to support CAJM, you can purchase a ticket to one of our LTYM: Charleston’s April 29th shows! 10% of all ticket proceeds will be donated directly to the cause. Also, when you purchase your ticket, you have the opportunity to donate money to CAJM as well. 

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