Rehearsal Love

by Anna Hartman on March 27, 2017

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes everything just falls into place. The stars align. All is right with the world.


The cast of Listen To Your Mother, Charleston has come together twice now. The first time, the room was filled with anxious energy. People didn’t speak much before introductions or stories. Legs shook in seats and water was sipped. We ended our first rehearsal sharing dinner together. Cast members hugged.

But when we came together the second time, the nervous energy had been replaced with something so much better–love.


There was love in the way each carefully crafted story was read. There was love in each round of applause given when pieces ended. There was love in the laughter and tears.


When people come together like this, when people share their stories, when people are honest about what they have to say–if they’re writing about hard things or light things–their honesty and vulnerability makes their humanity shine. And that, more than anything else in the world, is so easy to¬†fall in love with.


I’m proud to be a part of the LTYM universe. But more, I’m proud to share all the love this cast has for each other.

Do you see it too?


You can feel this love too.

Come join us on April 29 as we share our stories, our truth, and our hearts with an audience at Circular Congregational Church. We will have shows at 5 and 7:30, and you can purchase tickets right here!

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