Introducing LTYM: Charleston’s 2017 Cast!

by Anna Hartman on February 24, 2017


This year, this process feels bittersweet. Knowing that we won’t be returning to Listen To Your Mother as a production team or even with the same methodology next year, has made our Charleston team cling tightly to every last audition and every story that comes to us, because, well, each one truly is one of the last. That’s the bitter.

But the stories have come, and they are amazing and filled with all funny, touching, tears, and love. And that’s the sweet.

We couldn’t have asked for a better round of stories to finish up the 4 years that Listen To Your Mother has graced the stage in our fair city.

Meet your Listen To Your Mother: Charleston 2017 Cast!

Angie Mizzell
Gervase Caycedo Kolmos
Heather Thomas Morton
Jacklyn Flood
Janet Sheppard Kelleher
Jessica Hardesty Norris
Jordan Brown
Le’Erica Richards
Lindsey Williams Henderson
Love, Ciera C.
Lydia G. Hiott
Sarah Bunton
Vee Goss

I will be reading too, and I couldn’t be more excited to share a stage with these amazing people with stories that you need to hear.

This group will grace the stage at the historic Circular Congregational Church in Downtown Charleston on Saturday, April 29. Mark your calendars now and tickets will go on sale soon!


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