There’s Still Time to Audition!

by Anna Hartman on February 6, 2017


There’s still time to sign up to audition for this year’s Listen to Your Mother: Charleston!

Click here! 

Last week, I sat in the first round of auditions with my fellow LTYM production time. In between beautiful stories of love, tears, humanity, and amazing, we got a little nostalgic. You see, this year will be the last time we come together for this project. LTYM is changing and growing, and we’ve committed to making this year our Grand Finale!

It feels important! Grand! Exciting! A little sad! And very beautiful!

Because we want to prolong the emotion and experience, and (mostly) because we want YOU to be a part of Listen to Your Mother: Charleston if you want to be. We’ve added an extra day onto our auditions. So there’s time!

Share your motherhood story! And share in this experience that has changed my life and filled me with such love.

Auditions will be Wednesday, February 15 at 6p.m.

Head over to to save your space right now! 

And if you’re looking for a little more information about what we are looking for, read this post. 

We can’t wait to hear your words.

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