Meet the Cast | Zach Ubaldini

by Anna Hartman on April 15, 2016


Meet Zach Ubaldini. He’s a Jersey boy turned Southern gentlemen who is following his own mother’s strong example in the way he lives his life every day. He will read “The Eyes” on May 1 at Sottile.

Zach Ubaldini is a Jersey boy from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, who spent part of his childhood at the shore catching rays and eating fried Oreos on the Boardwalk. His parents gave him a wonderful childhood; unfortunately for them, he moved south when it came time for college. His first months at Pembroke, North Carolina, gave him complete culture shock. While at college, he studied political science, marketing, international business, some sort of botany, and finally English, which he earned his degree in.

After graduating, he sought refuge with his high school sweetheart in Charleston, where they both are earning graduate degrees. Since moving to the Peninsula, he has bounced around jobs, prepared for his master’s program, and explored different writing styles. He has written research-based nonfiction, published short stories, and penned many poems he plans to keep private. Currently, he’s writing on his first novel, in retail management, and his next degree.

Zach calls his parents a few times a week to ensure he’s doing the right things, and they continue to inspire him to feed his passions, as long as they’re practical. In the meantime he plans to write, explore the Lowcountry with his dog and girlfriend. He’s excited to take part in building the culture of Charleston and help foster the creativity it produces.

Tickets are on sale now through City Paper Tickets. Click here for all the details! 


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