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by Anna Hartman on April 10, 2016

Heather-PromoCharleston cast member Heather Thomas Morton is so so smart. She knows that mothering isn’t always something she has tight control over, and she’s learned to be okay with that. She takes the Sottile stage on May 1, and we all can learn something from her essay “Snapped Control.”

Heather Thomas Morton was born and raised in Rock Hill, SC where she spent her youth dreaming of a life bigger than the one she was living. She expanded that world by creating worlds of her own on paper for herself with the hope of “someday” sharing it. It wasn’t until she lost her mother, and biggest fan, in 2013 that she realized “someday” was closer than she thought. She’s now determined to stop waiting for things to happen and start making them happen. Since she is terrified of public-speaking, Listen to Your Mother is her first time in front of a live audience (with the exception of eulogies and a tipsy-toast at her little brother’s wedding), but she’s convinced that great things can happen just beyond your comfort zone (so she’s surely in for something extraordinary).

Heather always wanted to be a mother but never a wife, until she fell for a farm boy and realized what an adventure marriage could be. She is now the mother of 3 crazy minis (Andrew, Irie and Crawford), wife to her best-friend (and biggest supporter) and daughter of two of the best parents anyone could ask for. She spends most of her days teaching high-school English in hopes of making those awkward years a little more bearable for her students. When she’s not teaching or mothering, she’s either writing what she calls “Mommy mind-candy” or letters to her children. On a good day, you can find her in the sunshine with a book, on a really good day saltwater will be involved.

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