Meet the Cast | Mary Catherine James

by Anna Hartman on April 9, 2016


I just love Mary Catherine James’s smile and attitude toward life and adventure. She’s always ready for what’s next and looking toward her next opportunity. On May 1, she’ll read “The Motherhood Matrix” on the Sottile stage.

Mary Catherine James is a native Charlestonian who is an avid blogger and photographer. Writing has been in her blood since she was in middle school. She writes stories, poems and blogs regularly. As of this date she is only published in academic journals, but, has hopes that one day the great American novel begun some years ago will finally be completed.

She is a graduate of Bishop England High School (78) and the College of Charleston. Currently she is the Assistant Director of Admissions at the Art Institute of Charleston. When she is not working she can be found photographing low country sunsets for her photo blog or spending time at the beach. She is also an active elder at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

Travel, mission and interacting with other cultures is a great love of hers. Not too long ago, she spent ten days in Brazil, in the Amazon Jungle among the Mura Indian Tribes. This was a lifelong dream fulfilled, inspired by one of her college professors. Soon after that she spent ten days in the mountains of Guatemala with the Mayan Indians. Both of these trips were life changing experiences. She thought she was going to just enhance the lives of others and found out that her outlook on life was changed.

Geek and Whovian are words that would apply to her. She is a serious lover of all things science fiction. Books, classical music and a great cup of coffee are things she cannot live without. Her daughter is her pride and joy and the reason for believing in the words, carpe diem! As a free spirit she has embraced a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”

Get your tickets now to see Mary Catherine in person. 

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