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by Anna Hartman on April 8, 2016


Meet Meredith Hemenway-Betzhold!

Meredith Hemenway­Betzhold is a native Virginian who relocated to the Lowcountry after marrying a dashingly handsome lifelong South Carolinian (i.e. crazy Gamecock fan). She started working professionally when she was 19 and has held jobs in almost every Media including publishing. Her love for writing, however, began with her poem, “Life & Liberty” that won the“Best Poem” by a second grader in the city wide poetry contest. Meredith’s self deprecating humor began to take shape and he memoir style of writing emerged the year she decided to document her hilarious and sometimes ridiculous (or just sad) dating stories in her first blog entitled “Invisible Ink.”

Over the next couple of years, under the watchful eye of her dear friend and editor, Meredith continued to improve her voice. She is both a published writer and photographer that in recent years has taken a small hiatus to focus on being a working mother; let’s be real­­motherhood is always interesting and certainly provides opportunity for A LOT of creativity, plus she is just NOW getting enough sleep. When she’s not running around after her two year old son or sternly exclaiming “Hush, Lucy !” to her VERY vocal Goldendoodle, she is busy working in the local IT industry where she has become extremely fluent in “speaking Geek.”

Meredith lives in Summerville with her husband (and BFF) Phillip and their son Whit. She would like to dedicate this to Mel for her encouragement and for teaching her how to tell HER story with HER voice.

You will want to hear Meredith read HER original essay “It’s Just Different” on May 1 at Sottile. Click here for tickets. 


jean austin April 9, 2016 at 8:04 am

So very proud of you! Who knew that crazy girl would turn into such an accomplished woman! Xoxo

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