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by Angie Mizzell on March 23, 2015

When I try to describe what it’s like to direct and produce a local Listen To Your Mother show, the words “Love Project” come to mind. Much work is involved—but when the work has meaning it makes all the difference.

Listen To Your Mother began as one show in Madison, Wisconsin in 2010 and this year, 39 cities across the country will produce and direct their own unique LTYM shows. In addition to giving a voice to our stories about motherhood, LTYM aims to support non-profit organizations that help families in need. To date, this live storytelling movement has raised more than $50,000 for local causes.

familycorps_logoI’m happy to announce that the Charleston production of Listen To Your Mother will donate at least 10% of ticket sales from its May 3rd show to Family Corps.  Tickets are on sale now!

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Family Corps is dedicated to keeping children safe and in a stable home. They work with the whole family to prevent child abuse and neglect, or if it’s already happening, to help stop it and offer counseling and treatment.

“Many times a family member is pinpointed as the problem when in reality the whole family is being affected or contributing to the problem and all need services,” says Family Corps Program and Outreach Director Amanda Netsch.

“When you work with the entire family, you work to recreate the family bonds that create safe, stable environments for children to thrive in.”

Listen to Renee’s story. She explains how Family Corps helped turn her home from chaos to calm.

Family Corps has also helped parents like Christina and Joseph. They were referred to FamilyCorps when their three teenagers were removed from their home last year because of unsafe living conditions. In the Parent Support Group, the couple admitted they were completely overwhelmed with the job of parenting three teenagers with mental health issues. Building on their strengths, FamilyCorps staff assured the couple that their children were very fortunate to have parents who loved them unconditionally and were willing to ask for help.

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Christina and Joseph attended the support groups for several months, and they received the emotional support they craved and the concrete parenting information they needed. They also heard success stories from other parents whose children had received mental health treatment and who were thriving. The facilitator navigated the couple to in-home wrap around services, and they also voluntarily enrolled in anger management classes so they could learn how to handle their frustrations appropriately.

“I was never judged by the group facilitator or any of the other parents attending. I received help and support and gave it to others when I felt confident enough. I have always felt comfortable to speak and express my thoughts freely within the group.”

Two of their teens are back home now, and the third is in inpatient care receiving much needed treatment for a more chronic mental illness. Christina and Joseph are confident that he too will be able to return home soon, and say they will continue to participate in the support groups on a voluntary basis.

How can you help strengthen South Carolina families?

Latoya Jones and Aniyah Meyers

Your tax-deductible donation to Family Corps will help provide support groups for parents and caregivers, children and youth programs, parent education classes, and child abuse awareness and prevention training. Donate to Family Corps. 

Listen To Your Mother: Charleston will donate at least 10% of ticket proceeds from our May 3 show to Family Corps. Get your tickets today.  

Questions? Contact Charleston Director/Producer Angie Mizzell.

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