Welcome to #LTYM Charleston 2016!

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Time to Audition, Charleston!

by Anna Hartman on January 18, 2016

Audition-Announcement-1.17Listen To Your Mother is all about local writers reading their stories about Motherhood. It’s personal. It’s beautiful. Each show, each year is unique and inspiring. And every inch of our show depends on you, our community artists. Here’s your chance to tell your story.

Auditions for Listen To Your Mother: Charleston are officially scheduled on February 27 (12 to 5 p.m.), February 28 (12 to 5 p.m.), and February 29 (5 to 8 p.m.). We will be meeting at a downtown Charleston, and we will announce the specific location ASAP.

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As you write, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Your story should be 3-5 minutes long. This is typically 2 type-written pages, but it all depends on your reading style. Try reading your story out loud, time yourself, and edit if necessary.
  • Your story must have motherhood as it’s central theme. You don’t have to be a mother or have a mother, but you do have to write about motherhood.
  • Your story must be original to you.  It’s YOUR story that we want to hear. All of our experiences with motherhood are different, and part of what makes our show so amazing is the richness and diversity of stories and voices represented.
  • Watch and listen to some of the past stories from the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel. They are fantastic. And check out the stories from past Charleston shows. Here’s 2014 and 2015.
  • Auditions are a relaxed, respectful environment where you will read your story for only Charleston’s Production team made up of Anna Hartman (me), Becca Finley, Jennifer Buddin, and Philicia Baugh.
  • Please bring an extra copy with you to leave with the production team.

Stories will be chosen based on how the stories fit together, not necessarily how much we love any individual piece. Think of a Listen to Your Mother Show as a quilt that is beautiful because of how all of the individual pieces compliment each other. That’s how our show works. But your story is unique and amazing because it’s YOUR story, regardless of whether or not it’s right for this show, this year.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Please email us with any questions about the Audition Process.


Click here to sign up. 

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Behind the Scenes: Our 2016 Production Team

by Anna Hartman on January 4, 2016

Meet-the-Team-1.4.16The most beautiful thing about Listen to Your Mother are the people involved. Not necessarily the conventional definition of the word “beautiful,” (although they’re that too) but these women are all shining souls and big hearts. It’s a beauty that shines out and reaches far. These women do amazing things, and they are passionate about spreading honest and true stories about motherhood.


ANGIE MIZZELL Angie is our originator. She’s the keen eye that brought Listen To Your Mother to Charleston, that brought us all together, She’s a native Charlestonian and mother of three. Angie found inspiration for her writing after moving across the country (and back) in her early professional life to realize that Charleston is home. She blogs at AngieMizzell.com, offering personal stories, interviews, tips and resources to inspire you to live a life that feels like home. Behind the scenes, she’s writing a memoir. She’s also a featured contributor for Best Kept Self and an on-camera spokesperson for a South Carolina medical practice. She began her career as a television journalist and is a storyteller at heart.

REBECCA FINLEY Becca is the Director of Charleston’s Listen To Your Mother, 2016. She is chief creative and executive director for This Is Noteworthy, which supports media and creative arts education for 15 to 25 year olds nationwide. She brings an extensive background in theater, television, and film to the Listen to Your Mother stage. She was featured in Charleston’s inaugural Listen To Your Mother production, has been a featured playwright at The Festival of Independent Theaters, a columnist in Where Magazine, and an ongoing interview contributor in Found Music Uncovered Magazine.

ANNA HARTMAN Anna part writer, part blogger, part graphic designer. She combines all three on her personal web site AnnaHartman.com. She works as a freelance graphic designer for other blogs and for the JIMessenger, the hyper-local newspaper for the island suburb of Charleston, SC, where she lives. She loves being a mom, PTA member, and Daisy Scout leader. And as a cast member of the inaugural LTYM, Charleston, she brings a personal and internet-savvy approach to co-producing this year’s production.

JENNIFER BUDDIN Jennifer is Listen to your Mother, Charleston’s assistant producer and technical director. She is also the founder and president ofEvery Busy Woman LLC, a boutique publishing house specializing in print, web and social media projects of interest to women. She has been a Theatre 99 company member since 2002 and is a proud wife, smitten mother and enthusiastic community volunteer.

PHILICIA BAUGH Teen mom turned AWESOME MOM, Philicia is the Owner and Chief Communications Strategist of The Baugh Agency, LLC where she works creatively to give nonprofit organizations a voice. A graduate of Springfield College and Troy University, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Education at Liberty University. When she is not marketing, participating in board meetings, or studying, she is BOSS MOM to three amazing children: Isaiah (18), CEO of Urban Gents Charleston, Jaiden (12) Published Author, and Lanzs (8) her baby “Boo”. She loves her twice rescued Retriever (Lucky), Italian cuisine, yoga, sweet wines, everything vintage, anything retro, and forehead kisses! 65% of her daily tasks are done while talking to her mom on the phone. Philicia is this year’s PR/charity liaison.

Stay tuned! We will be announcing auditions and more show specifics in the coming weeks!

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Listen to Your Mother is Back, Charleston!

November 15, 2015

I’m thrilled, over-the-moon, stomach-clenched ecstatic to announce that Listen to Your Mother will return to Charleston in 2016! Next year’s show marks the third year that local writers will stand on stage and read their own powerful words about their experiences with Motherhood. In past years words have dripped with love, hung heavy with emotion, rocked the audience’s seats, and left lasting impressions. The 2016 show promises to hold the same power and impact. Mark your calendars now for the May 1 show at Sottile Theatre on the College of Charleston campus.  I’m Anna Hartman, and I’m working with the most amazing group of women in Rebecca Finley, Jennifer Buddin, and Philicia Baugh, to bring the show back and make it a part of Charleston’s springtime and your Mother’s Day traditions. Follow Listen to Your Mother on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the show news from across the country. Or check […]

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Our 2015 Charleston show video is here!

July 13, 2015

This week marks the grand finale of the 2015 Listen To Your Mother show season, with the release of 450 videos on YouTube. The video release includes the complete playlist for Charleston show. We were all so proud of the Charleston show, and the cast. You can watch it now. A special thank you to our friends at Go To Team for shooting the video for the Charleston show, and to LTYM national team members Stephanie Precourt and Deb Rox for all the hours upon hours spent tagging, editing and uploading the videos from 39 cities to YouTube! Once again, we’d like to thank our national sponsors SheKnows Media #BlogHer15 and Luvs, as well as Charleston’s local sponsors and community partners: Jody Mack Photography, Children’s Eye Specialists, Teacups and Trucks, Center for Women, Bonnie Compton, Parent Coach, Wynne Sisk, Beautycounter, and Stephanie Pratt, Stella and Dot. We’ll see you next year!     by

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That’s a wrap, Charleston!

May 21, 2015

Charleston’s 2015 Listen To Your Mother show was amazing. We even made the front page of The Post and Courier on Mother’s Day. As the director and the emcee, I was able to sit on the stage and watch each cast member—under the glow of the spotlight—read their story and feel it like never before. The stories ranged from childbirth, teen pregnancy, adoption, alcoholism, suicide, and the day-to-day challenges of being a mom. Some were laugh out loud funny. Through it all, the depth of motherhood and how it shapes us hit home. The audience laughed, cried and said, “Me too.” We had 300+ in attendance at Charleston Music Hall and here’s what one of them had to say: “It was a great collective expression of souls intertwined, yet liberated and free; of struggles that have made people stronger and better. We loved the stories….” Cast member Tanya Robinson said her castmates provided “a safe haven of compassion, […]

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