Want to AUDITION for the 2017 Listen To Your Mother Burbank Show? We’d love to hear what you want to share!

by Stephanie on January 25, 2017

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Please make sure to read and understand these details before you schedule your audition of your true motherhood story:

1. IMPORTANT: Each piece must fall be no more than 5 minutes when read aloud. This is approximately 2 pages, but will vary widely depending on format, content, and speaking style. PLEASE PRACTICE BEFORE YOUR AUDITION and edit appropriately to achieve the desired time. (Note: we cannot emphasize how important the time of your essay is. It’s okay if it’s a little over five minutes, but if it’s way over then your chances of being selected for the show will likely decrease. Also, please note that all essays are subject to light editing, for time or other reasons if eventually selected for our show.) Do not memorize your essay. This is a show of readings. We WANT you to read it!

2. The main theme of your piece must have something to do with “motherhood.” Any true story about any aspect of motherhood is great! If you’re unsure whether the MAIN theme of your essay is motherhood, please read it to a friend or two and ask them! If your friends tell you that the main theme of your essay seems to be “overcoming a self esteem problem” or “on-line dating” then you’ll need to do some heavy editing or something else. You do not have to be a mother (or a professional writer!) or even a woman to audition.

3. We always look for a diverse mix of stories. We’re look for funny essays, sad essays, and everything in between. We’re also looking for stories from a diverse group of people of different races, religions, ethnicity, ages, sexuality, personality types, and every other element under the sun that could provide a story with unique perspective.

4. Keep in mind that we advertise our show as PG-13 due to some mature topics. Anything with strong language will likely be edited for a wide audience: we want to put together a show that you can watch with your mom and grandma! And sisters! And husbands! And teens! If your essay is chock-full of expletives, it won’t be selected.

5. You must be the author and owner of all rights to your piece. It’s totally fine if it’s been previously published as long as you retain the rights, and you will still hang onto the rights to your piece if selected for the show.

6. ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON. We are firm on this. If you can’t decide between two, please don’t send both; ask someone close to you to help decide on ONE before emailing us.

7. In addition to auditioning on February 24th or 25th, you must be available for the following dates/times:
Read-through: Wednesday, April 5th from 6:30-8:30pm
Rehearsal: Tuesday, April 25th, 6-9 pm
Show Date: Tuesday, May 2nd, 5-9pm

Please know that we make both rehearsals mandatory not only so our cast members can practice together, but also because this is a very important part of the bonding process and the experience as a whole.


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